Table of Contents (Volume 05, Number 05) (Download in PDF )

A Research on Affective Objectives of Turkish Religious Culture and Ethics Course Curriculums in the Context of the Indoctrination
Abdulkadir Çekin

Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Oil Production Companies and Its Impact on Society
Fatema Malallah Al-Ajmi

Economic Supremacy of the Rulers in Ancient Sri Lanka From 6 th B.C.E. to the 5 th C.E.
Nadeesha Gunawardana

The Demand for the Elephants in European Era of Sri Lanka
H.H.N.S. Hewawasan

The Study of the Impact of “Communication Applications” of Smart Phones on Interpersonal Communication From the Viewpoint of the Students: Azad University of Damavand
Sara Askarnia and Mousa Khoshdel Khedmatgozar

Neuronal Network and Language: A Need for Change and Expansion of Terminology
Nilanko Mallik

Evaluation of Topiary Applications and Problems: A Case Study of Kastamonu
Hakan Sevik and Mehmet Cetin

Technology – A Tool for Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Growth Through Financial Inclusion
Michael Noronha

Relevance of Management Research Findings in Undergraduate Teaching in Nigeria
Nancy C. Agha and Abel U. Adamu

The Importance of e-Taxation on e-Commerce and Evaluation of Value Added Tax Applications on e-Commerce in Turkey
Güneş Çetin Gerger

The Causes and the Solution Proposals of High Rate of Labor Turnover on the Textile Sector in Adiyaman
Hüseyin Alkış and Edip Doğan

New Contents of Instruction of the Azerbaijani Language in Primary Classes
Bibikhanum Ibadova

Some Difficulties in Teaching English
Leyla Bakhshiyeva

Learning Curriculum Effectiveness for Using the Ball Hanging Device for Both Skills (Hard- Driving Bits- Hard Fitting Serve) Volleyball
Azad Hassan Qader, Khazhal Kaka Hama Saeed and Diman Faraj Kareem

Libyan Political Conflict: Effects on Higher Education Development
Ageila Ali Elabbar

Existence of Myths and Folktales in Indian Society
Anil Kant Mishra

Quasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organizations (QUANGOs): A Structural Analyzing
Sevil Zengin

Ideal Superhero Body: Under the Influence of Western and Asian Masculinity
Ratna Cahaya Rina Wirawan Putri

Enlightenment and Secularism
Aydın İpek

Virtual Diplomacy: Internet Effect on International Relations
Arda Ercan and Bilge Ercan

Punjabi Dalits Diaspora: Special Reference to Canada
Jagjeet Kaur

Business Incubators and Rural Business Hubs in India: Paradigm Strategy for Capability Building
Sahib Sartaj Singh and Gurpreet Singh

Auditing Efficiency for Improving Company’s Performance in Nigeria
Nwobodo Azuka Tina

An Investigation into the Problems Confronting Preschool Education in Nigeria
Agbola Olayinka Jerry

Cyclicality of Time in Sociology of Colonialism
Sevil Zengin

The Influence of Poverty and Non-Intact Home to Juvenile Delinquency
Zainab Ali Gumel

Modeling of Dialogue Behavior: Object-Oriented Database Approach
Motasem A. Abu-Dawas

Development of Prison System in the Russian Empire and the European Models of Criminal Penalty
Sergey Lyubichankovskiy

Weblogs or Wikis: To Ameliorate and Promote Writing
Elham Kavandi and Majid Meghdadi

Literacy, Educational Progress, and Sustainability in Iran
Vida Rahiminezhad

Multiple Intelligence Based Education Approach in Design Studio
Tolga Uzun and Altay Çolak

A Study on the Reuse of Closed Public Facilities Following Reduction of Population in Korea
Hwa Ryong Lee

The Effects of an Education Method Containing Visual Materials Substantially on English Education
Hasan Furkan Arbaz

Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors with Counterproductive Work Behaviors in Employees of an Industrial Company
Fereshteh Mostafavirad, Hadi Aseyfi and Shima Ansari