Table of Contents (Volume 01, Number 05) (Download in PDF )

Accountability Policy Implementation and the Case of TUT Capacity: Use of the U.S. NCLB Act
Hua Hui Tseng

Investigating Gender Differences in Math Education: The Case of Lebanon
Madona Chartouny and Ketty Sarouphim

The Effect of Gender on the Attitudes Between Undergraduate Physical Education Students in Saudi Arabia and United States Toward Teaching Students with Disabilities
Tariq A. Alsalhe

Effect of Students’ Feedback on Teachers’ Instructional Practices of EFL Student Teachers
Tahany Albaiz

Board of Trustees of Family-Owned Higher Education Institutions: Their Roles, Responsibilities, Power, Duties, Policies and Practices Towards a Proposed Handbook for Trusteeship
Lina S. Calucag

Exploring Factors that Have Negative Effects on the Teaching of Mathematics at Qatar University Foundation Program
Maha Nabhan, Mahmoud Syam and Maysoon Swalem

Low Achievement in Writing at Secondary School Level: Case of Algerian 3° as EFL Learners
Kalfat Maliha Yamina and Abi-Ayad Fatima Zohra

Sociolinguistic Aspects of Professional Language Teaching: On the material of French, English and Georgian Languages
George Kuparadze and Marine Kvantaliani

Social Factors in Online Education
Nino Tarkhnishvili

Developing Entrepreneurs and Corporate Entrepreneurs: The University as a Key Player – Or is it Guilty of Lost Opportunities?
Teresa V. Menzies

An Evaluation of the IPAD on ELL University Students’ English Reading Attitudes and English Reading Comprehension in Taiwan
Pei-Yi Lee

The Importance of Drawing and Painting Education in the Development of a Future Architect in the Age of Digital Technologies
Beata Makowska

The Oregon University System’s IE3 Global Internship Program: International Internships
Bojana Stefanovska

The Mentored Class: Forging the Student’s Character Through Philosophy
Lani Mae Z. Junio

The Relationship Between Teacher Self Efficacy, Computer Self Efficacy and Computer Anxiety: A Study of Prospective Teachers in Turkey
Ebru Öztürk

Why Most Students in Design College are Night Owls: The Relationship Between Creativity and Academic Time Constraint
Farn Shing Chen, Hui Shin Chang and Chia Yu Chuang

The Use of L1 and L2 as an Effective Reading Strategy in Literature-Based English Learning Among EFL Korean Students
Sun Young Hwang, Yu Hwa Kong, Ji Hong Park and Jee Won Sa

Distance Versus Face to Face Professional Development Environment: Physical Educators’ Knowledge Acquisition on Student Evaluation
V. Derri, K. Emmanouilidou, P. Antoniou and V. Chatzaraki

An Assessment of the Use of University Social Spaces Based on Student Opinions
Begüm Erçevik and Feride Önal

Teaching Mathematics at Primary School Using Games
Yehuda Ashkenazi

The Development of an Instructional Model to Enhance Critical Reflective Instructional Design Ability of Student Teachers
Rossarin Jermtaisong and Sumlee Thongthew

The Role of Open Education in Gender Equality and Women Empowerment: A Case Study of Al-Quds Open University in Palestine
Isra Abu-Ayyash

Transformative Learning to Promote Sufficiency-Economy Philosophy in Practice for Thai Student-Teachers at Naresuan University
Amornrat Wattanatorn

Strategies to Involve Students of Teaching Education Careers
Pedro A. Willging

Can ‘Student Centeredness’ (Outlined by the Bologna Process, of 1998) within the European Universities be Implemented in Practice?
Despina Varnava-Marouchou

A Note on Mathematical Thinking and School Terminology
Margo Kondratieva

Cultivating Quality: Engaging with Academic Quality Through Metaphor
Ineke Kranenburg and Lizzie Kelly

Improving Student Learning Through Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Chandana Watagodakumbura

An Independent Reading Approach to Enhancing the Reading Skills Development of Non-Native Learners of English
Kamonpan Boonkit

Structural Equation Modeling in School Attachment: Fitting Measurement Model
Azlina Abu Bakar

Student Learning Reflection Through E-mail Logs
Usa Noytim

Challenges in the Implementation of Speaking Activity: Influence of the Socio-Culture
Liew Tze Siew, Wan Zarina Wan Zakaria and Norhanim Abd Samat

Factors Influencing the Efficiency of Public Relation at Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Kritiya Rujichok

Designing of Pedagogical Situations on the Basis of the Authenticity Principle
Larisa Darinskaya and Galina Molodtsova

Adoption and Implementation of the New Intermediate Science Curriculum in Bahrain; Preliminary Findings
Faten S. M. Abdel-Hameed and Salah A. A. Emara

Research Synthesis Regarding Educational Innovation for Student Development Based on Education Reform
Suwimon Wongwanich and Ujsara Prasertsin

A GPS Learning Process: The Application of Autobiographical Research in Social Sciences Classes: Observation and Practice in the Class of Intercultural Communication
Hui-Wen Tu

Working Memory: Its Development and Contribution to Spelling Achievement
Afsaneh Amini

Does Early Childhood Intervention Help? The Long Term Effects of Head Start
Arian Seifoddini

Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Critical Thinking Attributes of the Ohio and New York States’ Math and Science Content Standards
Safian A. Forawi and Roxanne M. Mitchell

The CALL – Evaluation and Design of Activities
Carmen Gabriela Mirea

Listening and Speaking Skills for Prospective English Teachers in Japan
Yuichi Todaka

Research Among Teachers in Higher Education in South India – Determinants and Constraints
S. Mumtaj Begum and S. Thiagarajan

Jordanian School Counselors’ Knowledge About and Attitudes Toward Diabetes Mellitus
Adel Tannous, Hatem Khamra, Muna Hadidi, Mayada Natour and Jamal Khateeb

When Student in the Director’s Chair: A Constructivist Pedagogy to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement
Chee-Leong Lim

Education Driven Entrepreneurship in India: Relevance, Status and Directions
Pardeep Ghalot, Anil Sangwan and Dinesh Khanduja

Dropping Out Engineering Students in Mexico
María Teresa de la Garza and Elsa Rocío Balmori

The Role of Parental Involvement on the Performance of Deaf Students in Arabic Language
Ibrahim Shehab

Gender and Curriculum Development in Kazakhstani Higher Education
Khalida Nurseitova

Research Findings on the Quality of Life in the Classroom Among Pupils at Primary and Secondary Schools
Slávka Hlásna, Viola Tamášová and Miroslava Hrvolová