Table of Contents (Volume 1, Number 6) (Download in PDF )

Pathos: Its Role and Scope in Ancient Rhetoric
Daniel R. Fredrick

The Study of Factors Causing Fear in Blind Teenagers
Morteza Alirezaei, Jamileh Malekiranjbar and Sahar Alirezaei

Celebrity Stories as a Genre of Media Culture
Ludmila Tataru

Multidisciplinary Projects Supported by Modern Educational Techniques: The Case of “UOB Recycles”
Rola Jadayel, Amal Iaaly and Oussama Jadayel

Relation of Motivational Climate, Goal Orientation and Performance of Elite Adolescent and Young Wrestlers
Masoumeh Shojaei, Mohsen Omranian and Afkham Daneshfar

Gender as a Moderator in the Association of Self-Acceptance and Autonomy of Iranian University Students
Seyed Mohammad Kalantarkousheh

Types of Sexual Harassment Experienced by University Students in Malaysia: A Case Study of Undergraduates in Universiti Sains Malaysia
Zaireeni Azmi, Siti Waringin Oon, Noraida Endut, Siti Hawa Ali, Aishah Knight, Mazidah Musa, Rohasliney Hashim and Lai Wan Teng

Are We Ready Yet? A Study of Disability Awareness Amongst Staff at a Private University in Malaysia
Lynne Norazit

Exploring Young Children’s Sense of Environmental Colors in a Kindergarten Across a Cooperative Education Project
Farn Shing Chen, Hui Shin Chang and Chia Yu Chuang

Children’s Dream Outdoors Vs. The Reality
Zeynep Kiliç and Sadegül Akbaba Altun

A Research on the Service Quality of Highway Transportation Sector and the Impact of Information Technology: A Case Study Involving Konya’s Selçuk University
Mehmet Akif Çini and Hasan Aksoy

The Relationship of Personal Growth Initiative, Psychological Well-Being and Psychological Distress Among Adolescents
Nadia Ayub and Shahid Iqbal

Strategic Approaches to Instructional Multimedia Design
Nidal Zaki Amarin

Rashtra Yog: The Pedagogy to Develop New Age Leadership
Ravin Vyas and Hiral Mehta

The Cambodia Project: The Magic of Music
Jae Hyun Lee, Lewis Seagull, Hong Gu Lee, Ji Young Jang, Jae Han Lee, Myungjin Ro, Wonseok Lee and Meiren Park

Changes in the Young Generation’s Mind
Ramezan P. Dowlati

Korean Youth Awareness of Environmental Issues and Youth Environmental Activity to Prevent Desertification in Mongolia
Seung Moon Kang and Han Na Jeon

How Do I Deal? Coping Mechanisms of Parents of Children with ADHD and with Autism: A Comparative Study
Maetrix O. Ocon, Beatriz D. Querol and Irrisse L. Sison

Engaging Students in the Ethics of Care and Examining the Value of this Experience in the Search for True Meanings in Their Lives
Zuraida Ahmad

The Evaluation of the Relation Between Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Personality for Experts from the Iranian Physical Education Organization
Mehdi Rastegari, Asghar Najafi and Naser Najafi

Allegory as Strategy to Christianization
Dulce Maria Viana Mindlin

Measurement of Intention of Using Social Media
Wornchanok Chaiyasoonthorn and Watanyoo Suksa-Ngiam

Development of High School Graduates Competitiveness in the EU Higher Education Area and Labor Market
Olga Dementjeva

Hip Hop: The Soundtrack of Revolution
L. D. Russell

In the Context of Communication Symbolic Values of Pictograms Used in Olympic Games
Şaban Baş and Oktay Nar

Study of Connection of Hardiness and Social Psychological Adaptation of Students
Jelena Shaplavska and Irina Plotka

A Learning Management Model Based on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Teaching Profession Course Cluster: Universities in Northern Thailand
W. Kaewurai, A. Wattanathorn, K. Kearmaneerat, N. Suwannasri and P. Thummasit

Vocational Choice Between Art and Personality
Marilena Ticusan and Bogdan Danciu

The Effect of Music Activities with Orff-Schulwerk Approach on the Attention Skills of Preschool Children
Özden Kuşcu and Nurtuğ Barışeri

The Expectations of Parents from Montessori Pre-School Education
Fatma Ulku Yıldız

The Self Versus the Other in Nadine Gordimer’s Novel “The Pick Up”: A Cultural Approach
Dalia Mohamed Mostafa Mabrouk

Interdisciplinary Approach to Analysing Dialect in Dialogue: Dickens’s Hard Times
Serir-Mortad Ilhem

The Comparison of Virtue on Responsibility, Discipline of Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Students with Different Child-Rearing Styles
Wantana Amatariyakul and Chumnong Amatariyakul

Developing a Questionnaire on Problematic Internet Use for Turkish Adolescents
Cem Oktay Güzeller and Ayça Akın

Developing Team Competencies in a Higher Education Setting: The Impact of Team Formation Processes on Student Engagement
Caroline Brandt

Practical Uses of Technology to Enhance Learning
Larry W. Riggs and Sandra Hellyer-Riggs

Factors Affecting Appropriate Personality in the Teaching Profession Among Students of Industrial Education Faculty, Kmitl, Thailand
Ratchadakorn Phonpakdee and Sarawut Intorrathed

Assessment and Feedback: Case Study in High Technical School in Uzice, Serbia
Olivera Novitovic, Zivan Novitovic and Angelina Jovic

Developing Second Language Proficiency Through Communicative Teaching, E-learning and Experiential Programs
Marie-Anne Visoi

Taking Inspiration from Local Culture in Furniture Design Education: Cultural Identity in Design, Turkish Culture Sample
Mehmet Lutfi Hidayetoglu

Analysis of the Personality Traits of Athletes in Individual and Team Sports
Sucha Singh Dhesi

The Radical and Womanist Perspectives in the Quest for Female Emancipation: Examples from Selected Nigeria Female Dramatic Texts
Rosemary Asen

Personnel Generation Performance Measurement in the Canadian Forces
Michelle Straver

Bilingual Official Policy and Ideologies in Formal Interactions and Development of Plurilingualism and Interculturalism in Informal Interactions Among the Young Croatian-Italian Bilinguals in Istria
Rita Scotti Juric and Nada Poropat

The Development of Modern Science in Europe
Thomas James Harran

Words on the Scaffolding
Patricia Mongard Tyrer

Educational Value in the Arab Popular Proverbs
Mohammad Ali Mousa Ibnian

English in a Post-Colonised Classroom: Perils and Strategies of Teaching English Literature in a Multi-Ethnic Indian College
Papia Mitra

Biological Communication Behavior Through Information Technology Implementation in Learning Accelerated
Deni Darmawan

Supplementing the Curriculum: Teacher Perspectives and Practices
Hranush Ginosyan and Brigitte Miller

The Development of Musical Hearing of the 1 st Form Pupils at Vocal Classes
Jeļena Davidova and Oksana Šeršņova

The University – Business Cooperation: A Comparative Study of Austria and Romania
Mihaela-Cornelia Dan