Table of Contents (Volume 11, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

A Cold War Between the Genders: Investigating Attitudes of Japanese University Students
Robert W. Long and Hiroaki Watanabe

Short-term Identifying of Electricity Generation and Shares by Energy Resources in Turkey
Meric Cetin and Engin Cetin

Women and Pianos in 19th-Century ART and Literature
Lise K. Meling

Satisfaction and Related Factors of the Non-maternal Infant Care of Working Mothers
Kyung-Sook Bang and Sae Eun Park

Management of an Entrepreneurial School
Agostinho Inácio Bucha

Impact of Short-term ESL study abroad experiences: Summary of examiners' assessments (2010-2016)
Yoko Sato

Mobile Applications Security Controls in the South African Banking Sector: Empirical Evidence
Monique Keevy and Kingsley Neo Lemao

Cognitive Analysis of Risk Factors of Elderly Drivers
Shlomo Breznitz

Il Senso Dell'amore E Della Morte in UGO Foscolo
Özge Parlak Temel

A Study on the History of Hadamard Matrices
E.Tuğba Akyüz

Rethinking the Westernization: A Threat of Sinologization to Traditional Chinese Studies and Chinese Civilization
Wong Wai Ho Hugo

Together We Teach Better: Implementing Literacy Coaching and Peer Coaching as Novice Teachers' Professional Development
Dusadee Rangseechatchawan

Efficacy of Essential Oil Nanoemulsion Against Listeria Monocytogenes in the Presence of Casein Protein as a Food Matrix Model
Dina Almansoori, Dasom No and Paul Takhistov

The Gender Roles in Fielding's the History of Tom Jones: A Foundling in the Light of Hélène Cixous's Feminist Approach
Berna Köseoğlu

Prejudice and Ways to Avoid It in Education
Esra Akdogan

Organizational Commitment and Demographic Traits: A Case Study on Pilots
Neşe çakı

Feminization of Poverty and Social Aids in Turkey
H. Duygu Bölükbaşi

National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects
Roseline Chinwe Onah

A Diagnostic Approach to Identify Benign or Malignant Tumors
Benjamin Kofi Kujabi , Rong-Ho Lin and Chun-Ling Chuang

The Effect of Education on the Changing Role of Women in the Work Force in Saudi Arabia
Chaman M Rahim

Uses and Gratification: Indian Facebook Users
Anjuman Bains and Sheema Aleem

Epilepsy in Children: Unusual Presentations
Sally Sarmad Mohammed Ali Al-Jassani and Hisham Maddah Al-Aloosi

Non-market Strategy Ambidexterity and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study
Rifat Kamasak

The Effect of a Group Guidance Programme Based on Solution Focused Brief Therapy Upon Adolescents' Anger Levels
Ali Çekiç and Ayşegül Kaya

Heating Computation of Multiple Power Cable Lines Laid in a Non-homogenous Trench
Niksa Kovac

The Relationship Between Task Repetition and Phonation-time Ratio
Mirjana M. Kovac

Impact of Psychoeducation Program on Turkish Students' Negative Attitudes Towards Refugee Peers
Serkan Sami Antikaci , Ali Çekiç and Zeynep Hamamci

Needs Assessments for an ESP Textbook
Minako Inoue

Promoting students' motivation and Reading Comprehension Abilities toward Content and Language Integrated Learning in EFL Classroom
Phananoi Rotchu

Investigation of Scientific Literacy Themes in Turkish High School Biology Textbooks
Aslı Demirer and Serhat Irez

Teaching and Learning Cultural Diversity Beyond Borders
Yaprak Dalat Ward and Li-Jen Lester

The Relationship Between Behavioral Control, Self Esteem and Loneliness Among Turkish Young Adults
Irem Metin Orta

Academic Sports Science Professionals' Attitudes Toward Biostatistics
Gokhan Ocakoglu

Computerized Loan Risk Prediction in Banking
Serhat Ozekes

Aristotle's and Plato's Conceptions of Nature
Merve Arli Ozekes

The Current EU Policy on Education, Training and LLL and Teachers' Professional development
Nikos Papadakis

Leadership and Entrepreneurship: A Maltese challenge based Entrepreneurial Experience
Mark Galea and Monica Galea

Effect of Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Addition on the Performance of P3HT:PCBM Based Organic Solar cells
Okan Demir, Adem Yar and Ahmet Avcı

Effects of Policy Thrust on Nigeria's Quest for A Viable Automotive Industry: A Lesson for the Developing Economies
Cornelius Ogbodo Anayo Agbo and Alfred Nwabunwanne Enetanya

Save the Wales: The Duality of Dylan Thomas
Cecilia Gigliotti

Maghreb Financial Market: Growth and Contraints
Nawel Benlakehal and Gueham Assia

Knowledge Management Process Capabilities and Competitive Advantage
G.C. Alaneme and O. L. Kuye

Change Leaders Change Adversity into Advantage-A Conceptual Study
Sanchita Banerji

Industry Analysis of Pawnshop Businesses in the Philippines
Isaias Lagsa Borres

Correlation Analysis Between user Requirements and Developer Requirements of Virtual Reality (VR)
Mincheol Kim and Jihye Park

Analysis of Characteristics and Potential Effects of the New Silk Road Initiative
Zoran Wittine, Hrvoje Josic and Antea Barisic

Adequacy of Emotional Intelligence Self-Motivation to Enhance Grade 12 Learners' Academic Performance
Bese Samuel and Christopher Malizo Dali

Investigation the Kwazulu-natal (KZN) Employees’ Perceptions on the Effectiveness of HR Shared Services at Eskom: KZN Operating Unit
Yvonne Celinhlanhla Cele and Muhammad Ehsanul Hoque