Table of Contents (Volume 03, Number 04) (Download in PDF )

The Ominous Strings of Neoliberal Puppet Masters: Washington, Allende and Pinochet
Faith Mishina

A Comparative Study on the Turkish Traditional Theatre “Ortaoyunu” and the Italian Popular Theatre “Commedia Dell’Arte”
Nihal Kuyumcu

Illuminating Darkness: The Cinematic Work of David Fincher
John R. Hamilton

Post-Picasso Contemporary Reaction Exhibition
Ekin Deveci

Turkish Identy and EU Integration Issue of Turkey Within the Recent Developments
Hüsamettin Inaç and Feyzullah Unal

Of the Representation of Women in the Algerian Textbooks of English
Sabrina Zerar and Bouteldja Riche

Politicized Bureaucracy: Challenges and Implication on Nigeria Federal Government Economic Transformation Agenda (NFGETA)
Asogwa Scholastica Nonye

Intergroup Perceptions of Race in South Africa
Andre Slabbert

Image from Words. What do Authors of Columns Communicate about Themselves to their Readers?
Anna Barańska-Szmitko

The Politics of Persecution: Towards a Comparative Analysis of an International Crime
Deon Geldenhuys

Role of Freedom Songs in the Struggle Against Apartheid
Rachidi Molapo

Function of Humor and Irony as a Manner of Political Oppositon
Gül Esra Çoşkun

Square as a Public Space with Relation to Social Structure and Physical Space - The Taksım Republic Square
M. Ebru Erdönmez

Translating Philosophy: A Philosophical Term as a Double Cognitive System
Zaiga Ikere

The Semantics of Idioms as used in British and Latvian Newspapers: The Role of Linguistic and Situational Context
Ilze Olehnovica

Comparative Analysis of the Dominant Value Orientation in the Spere of Organization and Management Outside of the Material Production1
Mayiana Mitevska-Encheva

EU Integration Processes and the Eurozone Crisis
Ilya V. Ilin and A.S. Rozanov

Emigration and Immigration Global Issues: How Far Has Mankind Come?
Peter R. Alfieri

Write With “Diverse Selfs”: Exploring the Interrelationship Between Eileen Zhang’s Educational Agenda and Literary Construction
Luyan Zhu

The Success of Poverty Alleviation Programmes in India: A Case Study of Thane District
Gaikar Vilas B.

Values and Ideologies: The Place of Corruption, Violence and Ethnicity in Nigerian Politics
James Adeola Olaogun, Babatunde Omotoso and Olukayode Longe

Naxalite Movement and Indian State
Pawan Kumar Jha and Chandana Jha

Representation of Women in Indian Cinema: Analysis of Item Songs
Pallavi Jha

Ensuring Food Security Under Iprs: India, China Perspective
Shahab Ahmad

The Role of Defense Mechanisms as Important Coping Devises in Adolescence: Acting Out and Acting On
Helen Kurtz

Front Desk Skills Development: English Usages, Problems and Needs
Piyada Low and Patsara Pongsukvajchakul

Theatre Art Techniques for Professional Development
M.G. Prasuna and Maya Vinai

Living Well as a Result of Architecture: Philosophical Extensions of Feng Shui
Afet Celiker

The Problems Faced by Adolescents in Adapting Themselves With Hostel Life
M.S. Omar-Fauzee, Shaikh Mohd Shahridan Shaikh-Abdul-Karim, Wan Norizan Wan-Othman, The Poay Hean, Yahya Don, Yaakob Daud, Fauzi Husin, Arumugam Raman, Ismail Hussein Amzat, Rozalina Khalid and B. Y. Muhamadul

A New Critical Reading of “Abu Rupee”
Yahya Hassan Al-Wadhaf

From Citizens to Refugees: The Nigerian Civil War and the Displacement of Igbo Community in Kano
Fabian Ndidi Nwaugo

From Policy to Practice: The Role of the Humanities to the Transformation of the Society
Essien Amambo Edung and Effah Miriam

Peace and Conflict Resolution in Ethno-Religious Survival of Minorities: A Comparative and Critical Study of Malay Muslims in Southern Thailand and Siam Buddhists in Malaysia
Ibrahima Lamine Sano and Ibrahem Narongraksakhet

The Impact of Declining Traditional Art Performance Randai to the Speakers of Minangkabau Language
Sriyeti and Ajisarni

Bureaucratic System VS People Empowerment Policy: Empirical Evidence from Cocoa Farmer Empowerment Policy in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia
Alwi and Rulinawaty Kasmad

A Study of the Cultural Competence of Nurses Working in Multicultural Health Care Organisations Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Manal Al-Wahbi, W George Kernohan and Carol Curran

A Developmental Point of View in Utterance and Speech Genres Studies: The Gradual Process of Conversion of Generic Inability into Generic Ability
Anselmo Lima

Neurolinguistics: Shakespeare and Aphasia
Nilanko Mallik

Ukuhlonipha: Its Analysis from the Perspective of African Traditional Healers with Reference to Amazulu Apprentices
Jabulani Owen Nene

Illustration of Maternal Affection in the Glorious Qur'an: Analytical, Linguistic and Rhetorical Study
Hessah Abdullah Ben Romaih

Iconography of Goddess Mahalasa: An Issue in Perennial Debate
Padmaja Vijay Kamat

Why the World Needs Pisd: The People’s Indicators for Sustainable Development
Juan Elias Chebly

Redding V. Safford Unified School District School: Strip Searches, Misogyny and the Influence of Justice Ginsburg
Michael W. Smith

A Frenzy to Balance the Imbalances: A Comparative Study of Philosophies: Yoga, Sufism and Transcendentalism
Monica Singh

Prague Spring ‘68 and the Bulgarian Secret Services
Penka Peeva

A Covert Connection and Correlations Between Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking: A Comparative Analysis
Irine Kherkheulidze

Popular Architecture Among Vernacular and Erudite Contexts
Pedro Fonseca Jorge

Thinking of a Post-Democratic Governance
C.B.P. Srivastava

The Study of Anxiety Rate Among Blind Teenagers
Morteza Alirezaei and Jamileh Malekiranjbar

Investigating Qatari Traditional Architecture from an Interdisciplinary Approach
Yasser Mahgoub and Irene Theodoropoulou

A Corpus-Based Approach to Modeling a Politician’s Image of the World and His Media Images
Natalia Zelyanskaya and Tatiana Galinskaia

Postmodern and Consciousness
Roida Oktay Rzayeva