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The Development of the Islamic Financial System
Mohamad H. Atyeh

“An Almost Unviolated Symbol”: George Eliot’s Treatment of Medieval Florence in Romola
Jaqueline Bohn Donada

Health Professional’s Attitudes Towards Breastfeeding: Impact of Professional and Breastfeeding Contexts
Paula Nelas, Antónia Queirós, João Duarte, Betty Arias, Emilia Coutinho and Cláudia Chaves

Binary Difussion of Cultural Conventions and Cultural Dynamics in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Chimamanda Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun
Godwin Aondofa Ikyer and Blessing Ugo Ijem

Language as Certain Person-like Presence: A New Tendency in Contemporary American Fiction
Bi Wenjing

Role of Education in the Prevention of Child Trafficking in Nepal
Kulsum Chishti Yonzon and Chuckie Fer A. Calsado

International Politics of the Rights of Indigenous Children: A Comparative Study of Australia and Canada
Maheeka Nanda

Reinventing Folk Narratives: Vijaydan Detha’S Tales From Rajasthan
Nidhi Singh

Clothing Purchase Behaviour of Female Consumers at Neighborhood Markets (Bazaars)
Esra Varol and Nilay Ertürk

Identity Quest and Reloading the Memory of ‘The Totalitarian Captive’ In Herta Müller’s Herztier
Nicoleta Ifrim and Simona Antofi

Space, Time, Cinema and Cultural Geography: The Contemporary Brazilian Cinematic City
Maria Helena Braga Vaz da Costa

The African Rank and File of the British Colonial Army in Nigeria: Early Military Training 1863–1900
Ibiang Oden Ewa

Exploratory and Cofirmatory Factor Analyses of Intragroup Conflict Scale: A Validation Study in a Malaysian Organizational Context
Abdul Aziz Rozilah, Mokhtar Muhammad, Hassan Narehan, Rohana Mat Som, Sharrifah Ali, Shereen Noranee and Zarina Abdul Munir

Negotiating Identity in a Dubious Spaciality/ Tropes of Dislocation in Amara Lakhous’ Clash of Civilisations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio
Lobna Ben Salem

Policies of Higher Education and Contemporary Narratives: The Pedagogical Turn of Paul Ricoeur’s Philosophy
César Correa Arias

American Media and the Politics of Soft Power: From Real Crusaders to Cultural Icons
Hana Riani

An Analysis of Ebay’s Communication Response to the Hacking Crisis and the Impact on Users’ Trust and Behavioural Intentions
Badriya Mohammed Al Balushi

Peace Education in Lebanon: A Case Study in the University Context
Pamela Chrabieh

Attitudinal Constructs of Primary School Teachers Towards Pupils from Socially Excluded Localities in the Czech Republic
Martin Kaleja and Eva Zezulková

An Analysis of Tourism Sector with the Grubel-Lloyd Index: The Case of Turkey and Selected Countries
Ayse Çoban, Duygu Baysal Kurt and Orhan Çoban

The “Triple-I” Learning Model of Entrepreneurship Education in Indonesia: Where Do We Go From Here?
Ratna Lindawati Lubis

If All Christians Were Really Salt and Light (Matt 5:13 – 16): Corruption Would Have Been Eradicated from the World
Ezeogamba Anthony

Lexicology and Productivity: An Analysis of Meaning in Some Nigerian Slangs
Mabel Osakwe

A Tribute to Parveen Shakir: Translating Some of Her Poems
Sobia Kiran

Factors Affecting Budgeting and Financial Management Practices of District Health Directorates in Ghana
Ben Smith Owusu Bempah

In a Nation of Muslims Political Islam is Struggling to Win Vote: Role of Islam and the Political Crisis in Indonesia
Agus Ahmad Safei

Intra-Party Politics and Democracy Sustenance in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic
Adekunle Saheed Ajisebiyawo

Catholic and Protestant Martyrdom in Tudor England
Nick K. Crown

Admission Policy and Students’ Academic Achievement of Public Universities in South-West Nigeria
Aina Olusola

GM Crops in the European Union
Judit Beke Lisányi

Effects of Cooperative and Individualistic Learning Strategies on Students’ Map Reading and Interpretation
Sunday B. Adeyemi and Elphinah N. Cishe

Career Management of Officers in the Nigerian Army (1970–2014)
Abubakar Ubale Dauda

Analysing Brazilian Modernism from a Postcolonial Perspective: The Importance of Anthropophagy in the Movement Towards a Decolonization of the Mind
Michelle Andressa Alvarenga de Souza

Bilingual Education — Mismatch Between Policy and Practice in the UAE?
Kathy O’Sullivan

From Archetypal to Contemporary: Structure and Style in Iri-Agha Dance Theatre
Christian Ikechukwu Nwaru

An Assessment of Attitude and Intention of the Kedayan People in Practicing the Local Culture Among Different Levels of Educational Background
Ros Aiza Mohd Mokhtar and Che Zarrina Sa’ari

The Bildungsroman Revisited: J. D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye” and M. Duras’ “The Lover” and “The North China Lover”: An Intertextual Study of the Genre
Aleksandra Tryniecka

Learning by Collaboration: The Impact of Cooperative Learning on Students’ Essay Writing Skills at Graduation Level in Pakistan
Asma Khan

The Impact of Symbolic Interactionism on Research Studies About Communication Science
Fusun Alver and Sebnem Caglar

Incorporating Service Learning in MBA Course: Case Writing Approach
Kuan-Chou Chen

Laurence Serne’s Tristram Shandy: A Successful Paradigm for Human Communication
Asad Al-Ghalith

Teacher Education in the United States
Sheryl O’Sullivan

Student Writing Across Culture — German as an Academic Language
Katrin Miglar

The Factors that Affect Pragmatic Competence and Turkish EFL Research Context
Turgay Han and Ahmet Serkan Tanriöver