Table of Contents (Volume 07, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

Role of Women in Renewable Energy Resource Management Work Done by Members of Gram Pnchyat in Khandala Taluka District Satara Maharashtra, India - A case Study
Saroj Pandharbale

The Role of “GATEKEEPERS” in the System of Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing - Facing the Fourth Directive
Sonja Cindori

The Tools of Soft Warin International Relations
Javad Nikmoeen

DNA Binding and Cleavage Activities of Synthesized Boron Complexes
Alparslan K. Devrim, Mert Sudagidan, Ali Arslantas and Dursun A. Köse

How Transformational Teachers are as Leaders in the Context of Bangladeshi Higher Education Institutions
Saad Md Maroof Hossain and Kashfah Khan Chowdhury

On the Research of Linguistic World-Image Asymmetry in Word-Formation
K. Sh. Abrahamyan and N. R. Nazaretyan

Institutional Quality and Trust in Banks in Latin America
Steven Gunawan, Eduard Jan Bomhoff and Grace Hooi Yean Lee

Modeling of Hydrological Drought Monitoring
Alireza Nikbakht Shahbazi and Alireza Pilpayeh

A Comparison of the Top Three Travel Blogs in Hong Kong
Joey Wu

One or Two English for Specific Purposes Course (S)?
Belinda Ho

The Using of Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) as a Cover Gas for Protection of Molten Magnesium Alloys
Meltem Demirci, Ali Serdar Vanli, Anil Akdogan and Huseyin Sonmez

Traces of Popular Culture in Cinema
Rengin Ozan

Parameter Estimation of Reservoir Water Quality Model using Genetic Algorithm
Jae Heon Cho and Sang Mok Bae

Genotyping in Pharmacothreapy
H. S. Suzen

Swarm Based Fuzzy Clustering for Preformance Evaluation
Sylvia Encheva

Developing Spoken Academic Skills on Conference Posters - A New Academic and Research Genre
Aleksandra Łuczak

Assessment of Established and New Cleaning Technologies in Wastewater Treatment Plants Using Biomarkers in Fish
Diana Maier and Rita Triebskorn

Short-Term ESL Study Abroad Experiences: Do They Reduce Japanese Students' Difficulty in Oral Communication in English?
Yoko Sato

Sustainability and Architectural Education in the University of Jos- Nigeria
Allu Evelyn Lami Ashelo

Christian-Muslim Encounters in the 17th Century Georgia: Royal Documents
Eter Edisherashvili

Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Developing Countries - Case Study - Republic of Macedonia
Biljana Conevska and Nada Doneva

Information System for Inclusion of Women With Normal Pregnancy in Gymnastics Program
Irina Nesheva and Emilia Pavlova

Characteristics of the Service Industry Seen From the Standpoint of Internal Marketing
Tatsuya Kimura

Glocal Higher Education in Saudi Arabia. Developments and Challenges
Annalisa Pavan and Abdulrahman Alfahadi

Self- Esteem of Female Victims of Facial Burn Injuries
Asima Faisal and Nasreen Hussain

Policy, Perception and Pedagogy: Aboriginal Students' Experiences in Northern Ontario (Canada)
Lorenzo Cherubini

A Comparison of Academic Partnership Coach-Based Graduate Students in 5 Week Cohorts to Traditional Graduate Students
Ronda Mintz-Binder

Judicial Independence of Bangladesh
Mohammed Shahjalal

Public-Private Partnership in Nigerian Tertiary Education Funding: Case for an Alternative Approach
Ojobor Lebechukwu Mercy

Multi-Objective Optimization of Anaerobic Digestion Models for Biogas Production
Josiah Adeyemo and Abimbola M. Enitan

Resolution of Multiobjective Water Supply Problems in the Vanderkloof Dam
Josiah Adeyemo and Oluwatosin Olofintoye

The Politics of Race and Gender in the Texts of Jennie Carter and Maria Luisa Garza
Patricia Ortiz-Owens

Workshop on the Construction of Communities in Social Media Sites
Bee Bee Sng

Random Point Processes - An Interdisciplinary Approach
K. S. S. Iyer, Vijayalakshmi Chetlapalli and Sunil Patil

Feature Film Discourse as Linguistic Subject
Rakhima Zhumaliyeva

Visionary Company Attributes and Firm Performance: A Study of Nigerian SMES
Joe Duke II

Perceptions of Women in the Balance of Power in Turkey
Seher Cesur-Kiliçaslan and Toprak Isik (Erdal Kiliçaslan)

Common Grammatical Errors (Lexical Analysis)
Othman Mustafa Al-Jaber

A Qualitative Study of Democratic Workplace Frameworks
Vicki Lee

Cultures Through Song: A Korean Journey: The Process and Outcome of a Student/Faculty Collaborative Project
Teri A. Herron and Jung Won Shin

Inclusive Growth in India - A Study on Financial Inclusion of Rural Household in Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh
P. Veni

Is There an Environmental Kuznets Curve for Bangladesh?
Fazle Rabbi, SM Zobaidul Kabir and Delwar Akbar

Teacher Image in Literary Qualified Student Novels
Aysegul Celepoglu and Nuray Kisa

Employing Turkish Teachers in Primary Education Schools-Elementary Schools(Grades 1-8) in Turkey and the Problems Encountered in Turkish Textbooks and Suggestions
Rasim Özyürek

The Analysis of the Teaching Preferences and Perceptions of Students in the First and Fourth Grade and Studying the Department of Classroom Teaching About Learning
Funda Uysal and Sultan Demircan

Determinining the Relationship between Teacher's Perception About Organizational Justice and the Job Satisfaction by Meta-Analysis
Nuray Kisa and Tarık Basar

Extending an Interpreter Program Written in C++ to Recognize Repetition Structures in a Programming Language
Octavian Nicolio

Political Interest, Nature of Public Expenditure and Economic Growth: Evidences from India
Joydeb Sasmal and Ritwik Sasmal

Improving Mental Health Using Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT): The Importance of Addressing Users' Perceptions and Acceptance of This Methodology
Eliane Du , Ethel Quayle and Hamish Macleod

A Preliminary Study on the Acceptance of Assistive Devices Among Elderly in Dementia Day Care Centre in Malaysia
Nur Balqis Ahmad Safawi, Asiah Abdul Rahim and Ismawi Hj. Zen

Tracing New Impacts in Education and Teaching in Changing Global Scenario
Manisha A. Gaikwad

A Framework on Islamic Spirituality Development and Ethical Workplace
Ismail Abd Rahman, Junaidah Hashim and Faridah Abdul Latif

Investigation of Climatic and Visual Comfort Levels in Historic Elementary School Building in Kocaeli-Turkey
Neslihan Türkmenoğlu Bayraktar and Mohammed S. G. Abusamhadana

Collaboration of and Academia and Industry Partners for Stem Mentoring
Susan Chaisson Schueller

Promoting Scientific and Cultural Literacy Through Dance and Science: Lessons From a Project in Brazil
R. Silveira João, O. Maia Cristina, M. R. Vasconcelos Sonia and Lannes Denise

A Study on Internal Brand Management by Leading Banks in Navi Mumbai Area, India
Nivedita Shreyans Sable

Country of Origin (COO) Influence on Services of Foreign Versus Domestic Banks: Consumers' Perceptions of Service Quality in the UAE
Mohammad Naim Chaker

Within the Framework of Prosecutors and Judges: Auditing the Duties of Turkish High Council of Judges and Prosecutors
Ovunc Ozkan

A Test of the Effectiveness of the Undiluted Bleach Method in Defleshing Human Remains
Michael Ruiz

Prediction Support in Healthcare Information Systems With Case Studies
Ahmad Shahin, Walid Moudani and Fadi Chakik

Adaptation of Weighted Kaplan-Meier Method to Time-Dependent ROC Curves: A Real Application on Pancreas Cancer Data
Deniz Sigirli, Ilker Ercan, Ozkan Balcin and Ekrem Kaya

Examining Type I Error Rate According to Number of Landmarks with Regards to Isotropic and Anisotropic Models for Two-Sample Tests in Statistical Shape Analysis
Ilker Ercan and Gokhan Ocakoglu

Knowledge of Veterinarians About Biostatistics: A Worldwide Survey
Gokhan Ocakoglu, Ilker Ercan, Guven Ozkaya, Ender Uzabac, Fatma Ezgi Can and Mehmet Onur Kaya

Biostatistics Education in Medical Faculty
Guven Ozkaya, Deniz Sigirli, Ilker Ercan and M. Onur Kaya

Examining The Tests for Comparing Survival Curves With Right Censored Data
Pinar Gunel Karadeniz and Ilker Ercan

Learning Barriers in the Comprehension of Literary Texts Among ESL Students: A Case Study From Malaysian Schools
Abdul Ghani Abu and Ahmad Zainuri Loap Ahmad

How Many Tourists Are Needed in a Tourism Destination?
Simone Marsiglio

Georgian Catholics in the Ottoman and Russian Empires: Aspects of Ethnic and Religious Identity
Natia Natsvlishvili

Using Quality Criteria for Evaluating Students' Perceptions of Geogebra in Mathematics Education: Results and Implications
Said Hadjerrouit

An Investigation Into Students' Perceptions of Multimedia Production as Part of Project Based Learning Into Drug Problem Solution
Fisik Sean Buakanok and Pongwat Fongkanta

A Brief Core Values Scale
B. W. Chua and K. C. Yeo

Genealogy and the Genre of the Postmodern Family Saga
Zsuzsanna Koós

Biological Sequence Alignment Using Artificial Immune System Based Algorithm
Yılmaz Atay and Halife Kodaz

Estimating Energy Demand of Turkey Using Bat Algorithm Model
Hüseyin Hakli and Harun Uğuz

GSA Implementation for Solving Sudoku Puzzles
ÜrünTunal and Erkan Ulker

Effect of Mental Training On M.S Patients' Dart Throwperformance
Hamid Foroughipour

Consumers' Technology Readiness and the Adoption of ATMs in Zimbabwe
Richard Shambare