Table of Contents (Volume 04, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Refreshable Braille Display and Durability of the Braille Cells
Ayşe Eldem and Fatih Başçiftçi

A Novel Method For Implementation Of Image Enhancement Using Hardware Description Language
Iuliana Chiuchisan and Valentin Popa

Sociological Analysis on the Coping Mechanisms of Cancer Patients
Ceyda Kuloğlu

Fault Analysis of Hybrid System
Apoorva Kanthwal and Aman Ganesh

Object-Oriented Modeling of Cyclical Perception-Attention Model
Waheeb A. Abu-Dawwas

Isolation and Bioassay Screening of Biofertilizer Diazotroph Bacteria from Paddy Field
Mieke Rochimi Setiawati, PujawatiSuryatmana, Diyan Herdiyantoro and Uneef Primadi

Effect of Magnetic Field on Water Stream Flow
R.S. Niyazova, A.U. Aktayeva, S. Koshoridze, Y. Levin and D. Kairatova

Evaluation of the Indicator Properties in the Dyes of Curcuma Longa and Basella Alba
C.W. Ozabor, S.O. Sadoh and C.I. Omoigiade

The Economic and Economic-Statistical Designs of the Coefficient of Variation Chart
Wai Chung Yeong, Michael Boon Chong Khoo, Min Er Chuah, Sok Li Lim and Wei Lin Teoh

Simple and Rapid Titirimetic Methods for the Routine Determination of Some Thiuram Disulphides and Captan In Formulated Products
Jasvir Singh

Reducing Climate Change and Food Security Problems in Nigeria: A Focus on Urban Agriculture
Monday Olatunbosun Ale, Olayinka Hannah Asolo and Oladunni Bimpe Imoukhuede

Cfd Analysis of the Vawt Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Mihai Lates and Radu Velicu

Nullity of b-Bridge Coalescence Graphs
Khidir R. Sharaf and Nechirvan B. Ibrahim

Simulation of Fcc Unit Using Four Lump Model
Debashri Paul and Parmesh Kumar Chaudhary

Core Stability Deficits in Female Knee Osteoarthritis Patients
D. Maryama Binti Ag. Daud, Nur Rasyiqah Abdul Razak and Helen Lasimbang

The Role of Rhizobacteria to Enhance Hydrocarbon Biodegradation by Augmentation of Petrophylic Bacteria
Pujawati Suryatmana, Mieke R. Setyawati and Qomarudin Helmy

Improving Trusts in Multi-Agent Environments Via The Triple-R Model
Elham Majd and Vimala Balakrishnan

Properties Of Perlite Aggregate Concretes After Elevated Temperatures
Ibrahim Türkmen, A. Ferhat Bingöl and Ramazan Demirboğa

Groundwater Recharge Assessment at Okpulo Umuobo, Aba – Nigeria
Ruth U. Adindu, Kelechi K. Igbokwe and John O. Isu

Distributed Software Development: Communication Process and DSD Design
Ivaldir Honório de Farias Júnior, Marcelo Mendonça Teixeira, Hugo Vieira Lucena de Souza, Onnezimo Barbosa, Demétrio Santana, Elilton Oliveira, Henning Summer, Micaías Paiva, Gleybson Farias and Rafael Flanklin

A Study on Usability Evaluation of Supporting Tools for Evidence-based S&T Policy Management
Seongsik Cho

Stress Analyses of Multi-Layered Composite Pipes Subjected to Internal Pressure
Ismail Yasin Sülü and Semsettin Temiz

Layer Effects of Multi-Layered Face to Face Adhesively Bonded Composite Pipes Subjected to Internal Pressure
Ismail Yasin SÜlÜ, Şemsettin Temiz and Murat Demir Aydin

A Fractal Model for Predicting the Effective Thermal Conductivity
Fethi Kamişli and Ercan Aydoğmuş

Data Modeling Tools for Data Governance
Mee Young Song

Knowledge Extraction Using Websites and Social Media Accounts of the Turkish Sports Federation
Pinar Tanriverdi and Adil Deniz Duru

A Moving Average Modification of Fisher’s Linear Discriminant Classifier
Ogbonna Eric Nnamdi, Mbe Egom Nja and Onwukwe Christian

Effect of Mathematics Games on Students’ Achievement and Interest in Mathematics
Juliana Anayo Odo

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Among Students of Niger Delta University, South-South Nigeria
Nduka Ijeoma and Nduka Enyinnaya Chikwendu

Effects of Jigsaw and Individual Personalization Instructional Strategies on Senior Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Mathematics
Areelu Fisayo and Dawodu OluwakayodeAbayomi

Growth and Heterosis in Intraspecific Hybridization of Wild and Hatchery-Bred Clarias gariepinus
Ekundare Olugbemi Victors, Fagbuaro Omotayo and Olofintoye Lawrence Kayode

Music Intervention in Eye-Motion Tracking of Children with Autism
Valerie Ross, Saiful Azlan Rosli, Ahmad Mursyid Ahmad Rudin, Noor Halilah Buari, Azmir Ahmad and Ai Hong Chen

Assessment of Hvdc Transmission System in the Nigeria’s Deregulated Power Sector
Okafor Ikenna

The Algorithm Research of the Inertia Moment Distribution in Car B Columns
Liu Su, Yue Ming and Jiang Youya

The Artistic Beauty of Advanced Mathematics
Fenlan Wang and Yuehong Tang

Determination of Natural Radioactivity in Soil Around Ajaokuta Iron and Steel Industry of Nigeria
Nwankpa Alexander Chinyere

A Novel Screening Tool to the Identification of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Abishek Rajkumar

A Randomized Response Model for Estimating Hiv Infections Among Intravenous Drug Abusers
Nagaraja Rao Chillate

The Four (4) Primary Models of Software Development Methods
Eka Arriyanti, Rufman I. A. Efendi and Hoga Saragih

Effects of the Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Catalyst Tubes on the Reforming of Methane in a Primary Reformer
M. Boumaza

Improving Bit Error Rate Of Mc-Cdma Transmission Using Concatenated of Turbo Code and Lower Density Parity Check Code
Mohammed. F. Alsharekh, Hocine Merah and Djamel Slimani

The Impact of Emerging Soft Skill on Technology Education: Service Learning Approach
Keh-Wen “Carin” Chuang

Chaos Synchronization of Lu’s System
Grienggrai Rajchakit

Stochastic Process in Brownian Motion and Wiener Process
Manlika Rajchakit

Towards Green Economy: Environmental Kuznets Curve for CO2 in Turkey
Nurgün Topalli

Digital Arts Supported by Science – Testing Game Engines
Dorottya Maróti, Veronika Szücs and Cecilia Sik-Lanyi