Table of Contents (Volume 03, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

Towards An Orthodox ‘Caste’ Hinduism: Construction of the Social Order in the Great Indian Novel
Himanshu Parmar

Domestic Workers’ Rights in Brazil: Improvement of Labor Regulation
Murillo Dias, Karla Abdanur, Ana Ligia Finamor and Marcio Pezzella Ferreira

Experimenting with Igbo Descriptive Notation: The Nkwa’ Ike Illustration
Christian Ikechukwu Nwaru

An Analysis of English Writing Ability and Style of Germans
Suphatida Schmidt

Justifications and Concept of Criminal Liability in Shari’ah
Khalid A Owaydhah

Modulation of Dramatic Distance: The Case of Wole Soyinka’s King Baabu
Nadia Anwar

The Internet as a Source of Global Threats to Contemporary Society
Alexander Nagorny and Victor Nagorny

Linguistic and Social–Cultural Elements in HIV/AIDS Advertisements Across Cultures
Jujuna Gumbaridze

Challenges of the Transition from Apartheid to Democracy with a Comparative Perspective to the German Experience
Rachidi R Molapo

The Causes of Emergence of Georgian - English False Friends of Translator
Zeinab Gvarishvili

The Political Positions as Historical Principle of Epistemological Differentiation: Surpassing the Gap Between Economics and Sociology
Sergio Lorenzo Sandoval Aragón

The Concept of Privacy and its Represintation in English and Russian
Korotkaya Elena

What’s Real about David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (2001)?
Devon William Koen and Janelle Leigh Vermaak

Dehumanized Society in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World
Lela Zhamurashvili

Citizenship in the Federal Republic of Germany
Eliot Dickinson

Motive for Participating in Leisure Time Activities among Malaysian Youth
Norlena Salamuddin and Mohd Taib Harun

The Talempong Musical Creations: Effort to Preserve the Minangkabau Traditional Music

Blindness and Visibleness: Books and Computers
Diana Pimentel

The Importance of Education in the Native Language for the Building and Development of the National Identity of Minorities in Vojvodina (the Republic of Serbia) – Reality and Perspectives
Tanja Nedimovic, Mircea Maran and Euden Cinc

Urban Culture in Blade Runner’s Dystopian City
Luísa Sol

Halal and Kosher Dietary Laws from the Legal Perspective
Mustafa ‘Afifi Bin Ab. Halim and Nur Najihah Khipli

Slips of the Tongue: A Psycholinguistic Study in Turkish Language
Ayşe Altıparmak and Gülmira Kuruoğlu

An Analysis of the Use of Facebook in Academic Libraries in Thailand
Wongsakorn Chairatanathavorn, Wawta Techataweewan and Somchai Warunyanukrai

The United States and Political Revolution in Africa: A Study of the 2011 Revolution in Egypt
Ofozoba Chinonso Anthony

A Study on Spiritual Needs of Advanced Cancer Patients
Maria Komariah

The Use of Dual in Macedonian - History and Perspectives
Blagojka Zdravkovska-Adamova and Aleksandra Taneska

Evaluation of the Historical City Edirne Through Cultural Assets
Arif Mısırlı and Esin Benian

Why are you Afraid of Indians? Issues of Representation and Misrepresentation in (Portuguese) Children’s Literature
Fátima Susana Amante

Commutazione Di Codice E Intercultura
Hachouf Amina

Split Families and Family Members Left Behind: Migration from Georgia
Ia Iashvil, Tinatin Gvenetadze, Dali Mikautadze, Tsistino Davituliani and Tatia Dogonadze

Delusions of Grandeur in Kazu Ishiguro’s Novel "The Remains of the Day"
Dalia Mohamed Mostafa Mabrouk

On Another Wonderland: Giuseppe Culicchia’s
Nicoleta Călina

The Nature of Creativity: Differentiation-Integration Approach
Elena Volkova

The Decoding of Polish Music: Signs and Symbols. A Very Ancient Language
Dominique Porębska-Quasnik

Reflections of Freudian Psychoanalysis in 20th Century American Drama
Tanuja Mathur

Performance Appraisal System and Organisational Performance: A Study of Nigerian Universities in South East States
S.Muogbo Uju

Are they Happy? the Relation of Authoritarian Parenting Style and Religious Commitment with Happiness Mediated by Arranged–Marriage Among Arabic Baalwy Women in Jakarta
Aisyah and Winarini Wilman Mansoer

Alienation in Dumb Plays of Samuel Beckett (Act Without Words I, Act Without Words II)
Inga Zhghenti

Changing Spaces, Changing Moods in David Lodge’s Changing Places
Yusuf Ziyaettin Turan and Tarik Ziyad Gülcü

The Autonomy of the Local Governments in Turkey: A Continuous and Current Discussion
İpek Özkal Sayan and Barış Övgün

The Development of Social Policies for Disabled People in Turkey
Banu Metin