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The ETUC and ORIT Compared
Keith Abbott

The Study of the Employees’ Performance Appraisal System at Imam-Khomeini Relief Foundation
Behrouz Toufanian

An Investigation into the Motives of International Joint Venture Formation in India
Rajeev Sharma

The Effect of Consumer Animosity, Consumer Ethnocentrism and Patriotism on Purchase Willingness: A Study in Malaysia
Khairul Anuar Mohammad Shah

A Conceptual Framework for Managing Change
Chuma Okafor and Ken Russell

Creating Green Consumers: How Environmental Knowledge and Environmental Attitude Lead to Green Purchase Behaviour?
Nor Azila Mohd Noor, Azli Muhammad, Azilah Kassim, Cik Zuriana Muhammad Jamil, Norsiah Mat, Norazwa Mat and Hayatul Safrah Salleh

A Study on the Relationship between Perception of Supervisor Support, Organizational Support and Job Satisfaction: Perceptions of Part-Time MBA Students
Hazril Izwar Ibrahim

The Use of Product Portfolio Tools and Techniques by SMEs from Romania During the Strategic Planning Process
Florin Tudor Ionescu

Comparative Predictive Accuracy of GARCH, GJR and EGARCH Models Applied on Select Exchange Rates
Ravindran Ramasamy, Shanmugam Munuswamy and Mohd Hanif Mohd Helmi

Social Media from the Perspective of both Strong and Weak Ties and the Implications for Recruiting
Tom Sander

Romanian Public Administration’s Image – A Qualitative Approach
Andreea Mihaela Barbu

The Importance of Education in Occupational Health and Safety
N. Binnur Tulukcu

Implementation of Green Lean
Malgorzata Szymanska-Bralkowska and Marcin Jankow

Examination of Self-Esteem, Decision Making Styles and Problem Solving Skills of Professional Tourist Guides in the Process of Decision Making in Terms of Some Demographic Characteristics
Sevcan Yildiz, Yusuf Yilmaz and Pinar Çelik

Service Design for Potential Breakup Market
She Wan Jou

Financial Derivatives - Between Hedging Risks and Generating the Financial Crisis
Roxana Angela Calistru

The European Single Currency: Costs and Benefits
Cîndea Iuliana Marina and Cîndea Moise

E-Marketing Strategy of Greek Wine Producers
Aspasia Vlachvei

Differentiation and Performance in Greek Wine Industry
Ourania Notta and Aspasia Vlachvei

Generational Differences, Organizational Innovation and International Involvement of Chinese Family SMEs in Malaysia
John Lee Kean Yew

Idioms in Polish Language of Business Communication – Survey Research
Dorota Drużyłowska

The Effects of Communication on Donating Intentions of People in Nonprofit Sector
Fahri Apaydin

Impact and a Guideline for Accounting Practice in Accordance with the Agricultural Accounting Standard of Agricultural Business of Thailand
Chollada Chalomklang

Non Executive Directors for a Competitive Advantage – An Indian Legal Perspective
Rashmi Aggarwal and Rajinder Kaur

The Value of Student Created Videos in the College Classroom – An Exploratory Study in Marketing and Accounting
Henry Greene and Cheryl Crespi

E-Service Quality as a Building Block to Long-Term Customer Relationships – A Customer Preference Model
Noor Raihan Ab Hamid, Fauziah Ahmad, Saharbudin Naim Tahir Shah and Noor Habibah Arshad

Production Ramp-Up – Derivation of the Best Strategy
Christian Krüger, Tim Klemke, Konja Knüppel and Peter Nyhuis

Factors Affecting Efficiency in Internal Auditing Performance and Operational Outcome of the Large Thai Listed Companies
Donlaya Chaiwong

Does Studying Economics Make Students More Conservative? Evidence From Intermediate Macro
Carlos F. Liard-Muriente

Customer Satisfaction and Store Choice – The Comparison of Textile & Apparel Stores and Cosmetics & Personal Care Products Stores in Turkey
Serra İnci Çelebi

How Firms can Dilute the Negative Effect of Company Rumor? The Role of Identification and Refutation
Munshik Suh, Jinwoo Ahn, Jimin Hwang and Taeseok Rho

Directors’ Compensation – A Study in South East Asia Banks
Logasvathi Murugiah and Nor Hayati Binti Ahmad

Is the Cost-Benefit Analysis of ALMP a Sound Question? The Case of Serbia
Jovan Zubović, Mirko Savić and Kosovka Ognjenović

Knowledge-Taxonomy Revisited: Towards a New Approach
Sheikh Shamim Hasnain

Telecenters as an Information Technology Tool for Development in Urban and Rural Areas
H. Filiz Alkan Meshur

Development of Cultural Services within the Knowledge Economy – Case Study on the Romanian Museums
Andreea Zamfir and Răzvan-Andrei Corboş

Ecological Marketing and Competitive Cities – Best Practices for Sustainable Development of Green Cities
Ruxandra-Irina Popescu and Andreea Zamfir

The Need For Economic Planning: Now Greater than Ever Before
Wassily Kafouros

China and U.S.A. International Contractors in East Asia
Henrique Manuel Pimentel Reis

A Sequential Pattern Analysis to Predict Brand Switching using Item Taxonomy
Hiroyuki Morita and Mao Nishiguchi

On the Tradeoff between Technoeconomic and Environmental Cost in Optimizing Parameter Values and Independent Variables of Interdisciplinary Objective Functions
Fragiskos Batzias and Athanasia Bountri

Challenges of Brand Building in Software SMEs – Empirical Findings
Jukka Ojasalo

An Empirical Study on Influence Factors of Online Purchasing
Mahdi Shadkam

Male Body – Advertising Prospects
S. Barreto Januário

Training Needs Policies Based on the Development of Leadership Competencies for Heads of Public Sectors in Thailand
Varinthorn Boonying

The Investigation of Involvement and Credibility across Five Leading Media for Receiving News and Advertising
Serra İnci Çelebi

Intelligent Agents Solutions to Improve Strategic Level of Self-management in Information Systems as one of Required Attributes in Business Environment
Eva Cipi and Alketa Hyso

The Role of the Database and/or Publicity Legal Systems in the Domain of Setting up of Romanian Credit Establishments
Lavinia Elena Smarandache

International Adjustment – It Ain’t that Easy with a Family
Rohayu Abdul-Ghani

The Organisation Learning Manager
Christopher Dixon