Table of Contents (Volume 02, Number 04) (Download in PDF )

A Pre-School Aged Child’s Free Choice and Self-Implementation in Study Process
Jana Grava

A Study on the Integration of Primary School Science and Technology and Mathematics Curricula for Grades 6 Through 8
Hasan Temel and Soner Durmus

Mixed Method Study on Multicultural Teaching Competence of Korean Early Childhood Educators: Directions for Teacher Education
Sung Ok Park

Make it Matter: Getting Japanese Students to Voice their Opinions on Difficult Topics
Suzy Connor

Entrepreneurship Education as a Method of Stimulating Bioenergy Ventures and Technology Transfer: A Propositional Model
Matthew G. Kenney, Dianne M. Daniels and Nile M. Khanfar

When the East Met the West-the Bridge Builders of Sino-American Cultural and Educational Links
Yen-Ju Hou

Virtual Learning Environments
Fahrettin Arslan and Feyzi Kaysi

I will Show You the Way, So You won’t Have to Walk Alone.- Guiding New Faculty Towards Effective Integration within a Multicultural Context Through a Custom Made Mentoring Program
Zofia Reid

The Difficulties in Disciplinary Research Writing: A Case Study of First-Year Graduate Students in Taiwan
Mei-Ching Ho

Polices and Strategies for Promoting of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in ASEAN+3 Counties: A Case study of Vietnam
Varinthorn Boonying

Policies and Strategies for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education in the Philippines and Proposals for Appication to Thailand
Chantana Chanbanchong

Contract Academics and Workplace Harassment in Higher Education: “What’s the problem?”
Elizabeth Blaney and Lanette Ruff

The Notion of Self-Access Language Learning in Malaysia
Andrew Yau-Hau Tse

Shaping the Hidden Curriculum in Education: A Strategy Towards Sustainability
Alexander Lautensach

Genere as a Tool to Promote Teaching Cultural Studies
K. Srinivasan

The Impact of Music Education on the Preference of Musical Genres in the Republic of Macedonia
Stefanija Leshkova-Zelenkovska and Aida Islam

Remodeling a School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Oman
Soheir Mohamed Hegazy

Intermar - A New Way to Approach Languages in Formal Maritime Contexts
Delia Lungu and Laura Cizer

Classroom Relations and Interactions: Implication for Upgrading Teacher’s Classroom Skills
Peter Ogianigene Dania

The Role of Vocational and Technical Education in Reducing Inflation in The Number of Students Enrolled at Qatar University
Mahmoud I. Syam and Firas Al-Laban

The Experience of Teaching Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis: How Comics are Changing International Religio-Political Concsciousness
Rebecca Stonawski

STOU in the Digital Era: Connecting Distance Learners
Solasa Sataporn

Teachers’ Perceptions and Practices of Culture in Teaching English as an International Language
Phongsakorn Methitham

Prospective Music Teahers’ Professional Skills in the Context of the Development of Harmonic Hearing
Galina Zavadska and Jelena Davidova

To Enhance Employability in Higher Education - A Real Connection to Labour Market
Paula Marques dos Santos, Álvaro Manuel Teixeira Bonito and Anabela Fernandes Guedes

Electrical Engineering Bachelor thesis in Groups
Sanna Heikkinen

Competences - A New Keyword in Teaching Meaningful Mathematics
Karl Josef Fuchs

Ayi Kwei Armah’s Why are We So Blest? as an African Ideological Novel
Riche Bouteldja and Zerar Sabrina

The Role of Special Education Teachers in Institutions Offering Social Services
Eva Zezulková

An Investigation of Phonetics Instruction in Acquiring English Pronunciation Amongst Polytechnic Learners Using Questionnaires
Regina Lim Swee Kim and Mohd Nazri bin Latiff Azmi

Learning Strategies for the Development of the Coordination Between 6-Year-Old Girl’s Vocal Apparatus and Musical Hearing in the Process of Singing: the Results of a Case Study
Oksana Sersnova

Evaluation of Learning Environment Created to Develop Literacy in Preschool in the Context of Constructivism
Zarina Sandra and Davidova Jelena

The Art of Managing People and Teams Through ‘theatre-Laboratory’
S. P. Uma Narain

The Hedge Maze and the Imagination’s Maze as an Inspiring and Skill-Enhancing Drawing Topic for Students of Landscape Architecture
Beata Makowska

Using E-Learning and Digital Technologies to Overcome Barriers for Second-Chance Adult Literacy Learners
Karen Nicholas, Jo Fletcher and Niki Davis

Project-based Learning, a Valid Tool to Realization of Students’ Research Potential
Larisa Darinskaya and Natalia Moskvicheva

Differentiated Instruction: A Psychology Case Study
Amal Saleeby Malek

Errors in the Use of English Articles Among 1St and 4th Year EFL Students at the Higher Institute of Languages of Tunis (Islt)
Yosra Ouertani

Frequency of Computer Use in Teaching for High School Teachers.
Cacilda Encarnação Augusto Alvarenga

Intercomprehension: A Case Study
Alina Balagiu and Liliana Mărunţelu

Emotional Competency and Quality Enhancement Process in Skilled-Based Teaching and Learning Programmed at Malaysian Community Colleges
Yahya Don, Kamaruddin Kasim, Yaakob Daud, Abd Latif Kasim, Mohd Fo’ad Sakdan and Mohd Isha Awang

Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment: A Case Study in A Community College, Kedah Darulaman
Yaakob Daud, Yahya Don, Mohd Fo’ad Sakdan, Fuzainah and Abd Latif Kassim

Music Education: Incorporating Technology into the Music Classroom
Tracy Lee Heavner

Dictionary Use Versus Teacher’S Instruction of Vocabulary: EFL Students’ Test Performance and Perceptions
Mohsen Pornour

EFL Reading Comprehension and Preparation For Higher Education: A Textbook Analysis
H. M. Sidek and Hazlina Abdullah

Grading, Guilt and Gullibility: The 80-20 Rule and Teaching Writing in the Classroom
Bruce Gatenby

Can E-Learning Improve the Cost and Efficacy of Remedial Education?
Tameka Porter