Table of Contents (Volume 07, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Intersectionality as Truth in Transnational Mining Regulation: Chilean Indigenous Interests, Regulatory Risk and Governance Failure at Barrick Gold's Pascua-Lama Project
Eric Cheng

Minimizing Rastrigin’s Function with N-Dimensions Using Particle Swarm Optimization
İsmail Koç

Appropriation of Public Spaces: Case of Khajou Bridge in Isfahan, Iran
Sara Mehryar

New Approaches to Language Categorization: Derivational Aspect
K. Sh. Abrahamyan and N. R. Nazaretyan

CFD Model for Verification and Validation of a Radioactive Tracer of Laminar Flow Experiment
Nagy M. Hussein

Faculty Attitudes Toward ESL Plagiarism
Jeanne Gilleland

Subversion, Empowerment and Emancipation Through Internal Erosion: A Poststructuralist Feminist Reading of Pinter’s Female Portraits in the Light of Butler’s Critical Theory
Shohreh Chavoshian

For Mimicry, Against Interpretation: Performativity of the Self in Susan Sontag’s “Old Complains Revisited”
Negar Sharif

The Thai Insurance Market Today and Tomorrow: The Impacts of Climate-Related Factors on Major Rice Yield
Krittiya Duangmanee

On What Should Exporting Agro Food Smes Focus in Developing Economies? A Study of the Export Commitment and Export Performance
Hind El Makrini

Her Story: The Disappearance of Women Composers
Lise K. Meling

The Study of Electroplating Trivalent CR-C Coatings with Different Plating Time on Copper Alloy Bipolar Plates of Pem Fuel Cells
Hsiang-Cheng Wang and Kung-Hsu Hou

Node and Element Renumbering of the Mesh Generated by the Advancing Front Method
Niksa Kovac

The Use of Communication Strategies by Engineering Students
Mirjana M. Kovac

L’impact De La Politique Gouvernementale Sur L’integrite Territoriale Et La Cohesion Sociale Au Soudan
Ibrahim Badr

Promoting Critical Thinking in a Collectivist Society
Maria del Mar Calero Guerrero

Occurrence of Aflatoxin M1 in Raw Ewe’s Milk Produced in Sanliurfa, Turkey
Mustafa Ardic

Thailand’s Rural Community History of Sao Cha-Ngok Village
Eakachai Chaida

Nutritional Knowledge of Women Volleyball Players in Turkish Universities
Arzu Hediye Can and Fikret Dursun Can

The Effect of Zeolite on Oxidant/Antioxidant Status in Healthy Dairy Cows
Hudaı Ipek, Mehmet Avcı, Nurettn Aydılek and Mugdat Yerturk

An Application of Generalized Reduced Gradient Search Approach for Production Scheduling
Parag C. Pendharkar

Real-Time PCR for Quantification of Methanogenic Archaea in a UASB Reactor Treating Brewery Wastewater
Abimbola M. Enitan, Sheena Kumari, Faizal Bux and Feroz M. Swalaha

Real-Time Hydropower generation From the Vanderkloof Dam, South Africa
Oluwatosin Olofintoye, Josiah Adeyemo and Fred Otieno

Students’ Reading Improvement for Their Self-Empowerment Development
Jureeporn Kanjanakaroon

Dalit Inclusion in Education in Nepal: An Analysis of Policies and Practices
Damodar Khanal

Teaching Literature with Film Adaptations
Belhaouas N. Mounia

Exploring the Effect of Computer Assisted Instructional Strategy in Improving Senior Secondary School Students’ Attitude Towards Latitude and Longitude in Ogun State, Nigeria
C. A. Akintade, L. D. Mogari and U. I. Ogbonnaya

The Reasons Behind Students’ Incorrect Solutions While Solving Quadratic Equations in One Unknown
Makbule Gozde Didis and Ayhan Kürsat Erbas

Organizational Change Reflecting a Nation: The University of Johannesburg’s Culture Surveys
Zenia Barnard

Tribal Culture in India (With Reference to Gujarat State)
J. C. Patel and Arpit Patel

Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: Evidence From Four Low-Income Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Eyup Dogan

Simulating E-Health Maintenance
Güney Gürsel

Challenges for the Sustainable Development of Equality and Human Rights in Television Programs for Children, Elderly Citizens and People with Disabilities in Thailand
Arada Karuchit

Audio Description Production for Visually Impaired Thais: An Experimental Teaching Project in Broadcast Announcing Class
Phatteera Sarakornborrirak

Public Interest and the Media Role in the Thai Political Crisis: A Case Study of the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (THAI PBS)
Kulnaree Sueroj

The Perfectly Possible Activity in an MBA Classroom
Ketkanda Jaturongkachoke and Supamit Chanseawrassamee

The Correlation Between Perception of Family, Motivation, and Involvement with Non-Rice Consumption as Staple Food
Didi Tarmidi and Siti Rochaeni

Examining Recreation Preferences of the Students in Summer Sport School According to Their Multiple Intelligence Areas
Utku Isk

The Politics of Collective Memory in Violence Southernmost Thailand
Wilaiwan Jongwilaikasaem

The Influence of Length of Formal Class Exposure on Grammatical Learning in a Foreign Language Setting
Vafa Shojamanesh, Tan Kim Hua and Khazriyati Salehuddin

Cittaslow: A Comparative Research Turkey and the World
Ahmet Tayfun and Elif Acuner

Double Taxation, Conceptual Framework and Comparison of Model Conventions
Serkan Acuner

Novel Racket Active Sportswear to Improve Thermal Comfort
Chao Sun, Joe Sau-chuen Au, Jintu Fan and Rong Zheng

Effect of Health Promoting Behaviors Model for School-Aged Boys in Shelter
Ruttanaporn Wongtakhai

Understanding Formation of Identities: The Case of the Khyang is in Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh
Mohammad Tareq Hasan

Teaching Speaking to Albanian Students
Lindita Hasimi

The Representation and the Function of Jangchungdan Park as Korean Modern City Park: 1900∼1945
Yunjoo Woo

Enhancing Life Skills Learning and Teaching Through Blended Learning
Mariëtte Koen

Exploring Personal Experience of Patients with Dialysis
W. Y. Lee, W. C. S. Chan and H. C. Chen

Chitra B. Divakaruni’s Novel “Oleander Girl”: An Authentic Reflection of Uniqueness of Indian Women
Jaya Dwivedi

Anthropogenic Activities and Groundwater Pollution of Sagar Town in Madhya Pradesh, India
D. C. Jhariya

International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law Before ICTY – Contradictory or Complementary Legal Systems?
Agnieszka Szpak

Effectiveness of Educational Tools for Improving Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV Vaccine) Acceptability Among Public Health College Students in Southern Thailand
Archin Songthap

Teaching the Art and Science of Critical Reflection
Helen Larkin

L’importanza Della Cultura Nell’insegnamento Dell’italiano in Turchia
Meltem Aktaş

Social Support and Family Resources: Impact on Motivation to Breastfeed
Paula Nelas, João Duarte, Emilia Coutinho, Cláudia Chaves, Odete Amaral and Ferreira Margarida

Community Project Approach for Large Classes of 1st Year Psychology Students: A Case Study
Mianda Erasmus

Turkish Pre-Service EFL Teachers’ Pragmatic Competence: The Investigation of Complaint Speech Acts
Selahattin Ylmaz

Software Application in Business Process Design and Enterprise Resource Planning System Development
Sakauwrat Jongpattanakorn

Penalty Clause
Turan Sahin

Dissection Methods for Aperiodic Tilings: From Medieval Islamic Architecture to Quasicrystals
Raymond Tennant

On-Line Reputation Analysis of Selected European SKI Resorts
Peter Dorčák, L’udovít Nastisin and Martin Mudrík

Benefits and Challenges of the Corpus-Based Instructions in the Russian L2 Classroom: Insights into Users’ and Teachers’ Perceptions
Anna Lozovska and Elena Antonova-Unlu

Development of Intercultural Competencies in Business Students—A Process
Mary-Kathryn Zachary

Application of Flat Rate or Compound Rate Using
Kanchana Kumnungkit

Development of Creativity Algorithms Based on Knowledge-Intensive Big Data
Yongtae Park

Computer Mediated Communication as a Social Spherefor Three Iraqi Expatriates’ EFL Writing in the UAE
Amin Mefreh Amin Elkhayat and Subhi Yousef Abu Hatab

Meaning Giving Beliefs In 21st Century and Their Effects on Morality
Shiva Khalili

An Application of Concepts From the Legal Environment: Small Business Entity Formation Under US Law
Leanne Mitchell DeFoor