Table of Contents (Volume 01, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

The Dynamics and the Typology of the Lacustrine Landscape in the Danube Delta
Romanescu Gheorghe, Romanescu Ana Maria and Bounegru Octavian

Design and Construction of an Overpass with Computer-Aided Design Software and its Use in Construction Technology Education
Mustafa Altin and Şakir Taşdemir

Mathematical Modelling of a U-Shaped Assembly Cell Using Flexible Workers
Saleh Alyahya, Qian Wang and Guangguang Yang

Myths, Misconceptions, Stigma and Discrimination: Causes for Delay and Underutilization of Psychiatric Treatment in India
Jasbir Rishi

Effect of High Dietary Metabolizable Energy and Calcium Levels on Production Performances and Egg Quality of Laying Hens During Late Phase Production Periods
Keatisak Soisuwan and Nantana Chauychuwong

Resonance Modes in an Acoustic Guitar
Tom A. Eppes, Ivana Milanovic and Mike DePanfilo

Diet Modulating the Hemopiotic Toxicity of Cancer Chemotherapy in Rats
A. Y. Sayeda, Y. A. Raslan and M. A. Ola

The Ardebayes Approach for the Reliability Evaluation
Mourad Houhou, Youcef Smaili and Smail Adjerid

Heat-and-Mass Exchange During Ferrous Materials’ Filtration Drying
D. M. Symak and V. M. Atamanyuk

Grain Quality Assessmemt Fusing Data From Image and Spectra Analyses
Miroljub Mladenov, Stanislav Penchev and Tsvetelina Draganova

Wavelet Neural Network for Non-Destructive Egg Freshness Determination
Veselin Nachev, Chavdar Damyanov and Tanya Titova

Intelligent Classifiers for Dairy Products Quality Assessment Using Near-Infrared Spectra
P. Veleva-Doneva, S. Atanassova, T. Stoyanchev, Ts. Draganova and G. Beev

Mediterranean Forests: A Multicriteria Analysis of Their Dynamics
Apostolos Tsaknakis and Olga Christopoulou

Chemistry Laboratory Experiments: Now and Then
Fari Khalili

An Analytical Study About the Effect of Masonry Infill on the Lateral Load Carrying Capacity of Frame Systems
M. Yasar Kaltakci, H. Husnu Korkmaz and Ali Koken

An Experimental Investigation on Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Frames
Murat Ozturk, M. Yasar Kaltakci and H. Husnu Korkmaz

Survey on the Enhanced Image Quality Based on Objective Factors
Hyung Ju Park and Dong Hwan Har

Implementation of Weed Control by the Help of Smart System with Image Processing
K. Sabanci and C. Aydin

Une Présentation Mnémonique Du Tableau Périodique Des Éléments
Vasek A. Mezl

A Novel Technique for Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite Fabrication
Bedri Onur Kucukyildirim and Aysegul Akdogan Eker

Thermal Behavior of Poly(N-Hydroxymethyl Acrylamide) Synthesized by Inverse Emulsion Polymerization
Datchanee Kraisiri, Nuanphun Chantarasiri and Vimolvan Pimpan

Determinism Versus Predictability in the Context of Poincare’s Work on the Restricted 3-Body Problem
Rosário Laureano

The Analysis of Side Beam-Column Connections of Strengthened RC Frames by Truss Models
Günnur Yavuz and M. Yaşar Kaltakcı

Comparison of Single Curvature, Double Layered Space Truss Systems Regarding Their Weights
Adnan Karaduman and Ercüment Özbahar

ENSO Effect on Mediterranean Precipitation
Ali Ihsan Marti and Mehmet Ferit Karaca

Integration of 2-D Resistivity Imaging and Seismic Refraction Methods to Characterize Subsurface Material at Lenggong, Perak
M. M. Nordiana, Rosli Saad, Mokhtar Saidin, M. N. M. Nawawi, Nur Azwin Ismail,
Nisa’ Ali and A. H. A. Teh Saufia

Improving the Durability of Repair Materials Used in the Rehabilitation of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures
Maan S. Hassan, John P. Forth and S. J. Shaw

Archaeological Investigation by Electrical Resistivity Imaging: A Preliminary Study of Buried Structure
Rosli Saad, Mokhtar Saidin, M. M. Nordiana, Nur Azwin Ismail and Norhidayahti Mohd Muztaza

Effect of Different Coating Material on Egg Quality
Nadia N. A. Al-Hajo, Abed Al-Wahab M. Whaeep, Rashad S. Rashid, Azeez Imad Azeez,
Layla F. A. Al-Janabi, Tariq N. Musa and Firas M. H. Al-Khalani

Study of the Expected Impacts of the Application of Organic Farming and Integrated Biological Control in Saudi Arabia Agriculture
Safar H. AlQahtani, Adel Mohamed Khalifa, Reda Abdel-Zaher Yousef, Mohamed Mohamed Harhash and Radwan Mohamed Yakti

Assessment of Natural Radioactivity Levels and Radiological Effects of Deposits from Drinking Water Purification Stations in El-Mynia, Egypt
M. A. M. Uosif, Mahmoud Tammam, Shams A. M. Issa and Reda Elsaman

Proton Conductance of Glassy Tin Phosphate
S. K. Shakshooki, M. M. Khalifa, F. M. El-Torki and S. M. El-Mashri

The Use of Ground Penetrating Radar for Archaeological Studies: Determining Subsurface Structures at Jeniang, Kedah, Malaysia
Nur Azwin Ismail, Rosli Saad, Mokhtar Saidin, M. M. Nordiana and Norhidayahti Mohd Muztaza

Integral Analysis of Geoelectrical (Resistivity) and Geotechnical (SPT) Data in Slope Stability Assessment
Mohd Hazreek Bin Zainal Abidin, Rosli Bin Saad, Fauziah Binti Ahmad, Devapriya Chitral Wijeyesekera and Mohamad Faizal Bin Tajul Baharuddin

Characterization of Leachate at Matang Landfill Site, Perak, Malaysia
Nur Shaylinda Mohd Zin, Hamidi Abdul Aziz, Mohd Nordin Adlan and Azlan Ariffin

The Research on Optimal Land Use Planning and its Consequences in the Sample of Altınapa Lake Dam Watershed, Turkey
Nurgül Konakli

Stiffening of Cold Formed Steel Tubular Element Using CFRP and Subjected to Cyclic Loading
Haitham H. Muteb and Rasha F. Ibrahim

Fuzzy Logic Control of Photo-Voltaic Sensors for Obstacle Avoidance or Mapping Robot
Leslie R. Adrian

Effects of Glass Fiber Reinforcement to PA 66 Journal Bearings
M. Turan Demirci and Hayrettin Duzcukoğlu

Monitoring the Epizootic Situation of Brucellosis in Aborted Cattle from Livestock Complexes, with Serological Tests and Healing Program
Besa Ndoci and Pellumb Muhedini

A Study on Antibacterial Activity of Sweet lime (Citrus limetta) Fruit Waste Extract
Aradhita Ray and Ajay Singh Kataria

Applications of Fuzzy Sets in Decision Making
Ihab Abdelwahed and Jalal Karam

Study of Building Energy Index in Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
Zamri Noranai and Mohamad Najib Kammalluden

Non-Scalar Valued Optimal Control Using RBF Neural Networks
Rehna Nalakath and M. P. Nandakumar

Comparative Analysis of Cogeneration Systems with a Low-Temperature Heat Source
Mohammed Khennich and Nicolas Galanis

Politeness Principle in Scientific Texts
Milena Krhutová and Pavel Sedláček

PCR Detection of Aeromonas Species Isolated From Water and Fish
Fagr Kh. Abdel-Gawad and Zeinat K. Mohamed

The Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Quality in the Region of Derna-Libya
Jumma Arhouma Jumma Elgali, Mohed. Ekhwan and Noorazuan Hashim

An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Rheological Characteristics of Ice Slurries
M. Boumaza

Enhancement of Grid Fault Ride Through Capability of DFIG with Statcom
K. H. Phani Shree and S. V. J. Kumar

Effect of Very Fast Transient Over Voltages in UHV Gas Insulated Substation
A. Raghu Ram, J. Amarnath and Kamakshaiah

Optimization of Gain and VSWR of Helical Antenna for Different Operating Frequencies Using Genetic Algorithm
Mandeep Kaur and Munish Rattan

Cuo Nanocomposite Peo: Liclo 4 Solid Polymer Electrolyte
M. Jaipal Reddy