Table of Contents (Volume 02, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Personal Care and Hygiene for the Late 19th Century Ottoman Muslim Women in “Newspaper for Ladies” (Hanimlaramahsûsgazete)
Ayse Zeren Enis

Migratory Processes and Problems of Ethnolinguistic Awareness Transformation (Based on Diasporas in Kazakhstan)
Sholpan Zharkynbekova

The Influence of Leader-Member Exchange on Job Satisfaction: The Moderating Effect of Psychological Empowerment
M. Gökhan Bitmis and Azize Ergeneli

A Photographic Activity to Express Readjustment to Life After Combat
Vaughn DeCoster and Sevena Lewis

Quality of Life of the Elderly in Bansuan Municipality, Chonburi Province, Thailand
Tharin Sukanun, Supawon Jariyasilp, Thassanan Thummanon and Piyarat Jitpakdee

How Democratic is an Islamic form of Government?
Mirza Asmer Beg

Maternal Empowerment Measure: A Focus on Methodological Issues
Vijaya Subramaniyam

Malcolm X'S Autobiography: A Hegelian and Fanonian Reading
Zerar Sabrina and Riche Bouteldja

The Clash between Individual and Order in E. L. Doctorow’s Ragtime
Shmavon Azatyan

Reader-Response through Illustrations at Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University – Case Study: Miss Ghada
Afra Saleh Alshiban

Failing the Frontier Thesis: A Study of American Third World Foreign Policy During the Post-Second World War Era
Samia Kouki

Disfluencies in Public Speaking and the Effects of Bilingualism: A Study of the Hesitation Phenomena
Rosario M. Baria

Popularizing Science Via Procedural Texts: A Case Study
Evelina-Mezalina Graur

International Airline Regime Since “Warsaw/ The Hague System” And “Montreal Convention 1999”: A Brief Overview
Sinan Sami Akkurt and Halil Dursun

The Relationship between Mobbing and Organizational Silence in Establishments
Aydan Yüceler, Esen Sahin, Ibrahim Erem Sahin and Mustafa Tahir Demirsel

Relevance of the Uk Experience to Improving the Efficiency of Affordable Housing Delivery Process in the Case of Syria
Aseel Al Khalaf

Juridical Means Able to Ensure the Obligations’ Execution, as They Figure in the Civil Code and in the New Romanian Civil Procedure Code1
Daniel Ghita

A Dramaturgical Study of Raja Alem's the Final Death of an Actor: Tracing the Ensemble of Knowledge and Skill
Ieman Abdulrahman Alkhayal

Theory and Practise: Tracing Symbiotic Relations in the Vivekacūamai of ŞanSkara
Walter Menezes

The Image of the “Other”: Cognitive-Style Approach
E. V. Belovol

Personal and Interpersonal Factors of Ethnic Tension in Multi – Cultural Education
Elena Ju. Chebotareva and Anastasia V. Chebotareva

Derivational Cluster as the Main Unit of Cognitive Word-Formation
K. Sh. Abrahamyan and N. R. Nazaretyan

The Anticorruptional Development of the Public Procurement Mechanism
Anatoly Krivinsh

Evaluation of the Success Factors in Watershed Management: Beysehir Lake Basin (Turkey)
Fadim Yavuz and Tüzin Baycan

Neo-Conservatism Influence on Asian-Americans Representation: Reflection on the “Model Minority”
Yoshie Niijima

Language and Cultural Image of Fruits in Balto-Slavic Linguistic Worldview
Katazyna Popova

Ideological Foundations of Political Parties in Turkey; the Sample of Jdp, Rpp, and Nmp
Vahap Göksu

European Criminal Code
Valbona Ndrepepaj and Nevila Kullojka

New Public Management Approach and the Reflections on the Turkish Health System Transformation
Dilek Memisoğlu and Hüseyin Gül

The Magnetic Attraction of Rome
Laura Dryjanska

Views of Mid-Level Educational Managers on Educational Innovation
Atila Yildirim