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A Sector of Strategic Importance? Agriculture in Hungary During the Decade After the Eu Accession
Judit Beke Lisányi

Personnel Strategy in Corporate Groups - Empirical Investigation
Dominika Bak-Grabowska, Agnieszka Jagoda and Katarzyna Grzesik

The Identification of Levels of Maturity of Social Responsibility of Small Enterprise
Agnieszka Sokolowska

The Effectiveness of Logistics Customer Service on the Example of the Logistics Centre Operating in the Clothing Industry
Katarzyna Grondys, Iga Kott and Wioletta Skibinska

The Use of the Concept of Vendor Management Inventory in Management of Spare Parts Stock
Katarzyna Grondys, Iga Kott and Beata Skowron-Grabowska

Game Theory and Business Simulation Game Approaches to Innovation Ecosystem Analysis
Igor N. Dubina

Assessment of Adult Attitudes Toward Continuing Education With a Turkish Sample
Ayfer Aydiner Boylu and Gulay Gunay

A Stylo-Sociolinguistic Analysis of Sade Adeniran's Imagine This
Abigail Ambi Izang

Liminal Architectural Space in Movies
Amos Bar-Eli

Solid Waste Management in Uncontrolled Dumps: Tranco Municipality - Portugal
Amândio Baía and Jorge Proença

Impact of Demographic and Socio-Economic Characteristics of Visitors on their Preference in Utilisation from Functions of Traditional County Fairs
Vedat Çaliskan, Faize Sariş, Muhammed Z. Öztürk and Berrin Gültay

Prioritization of the Policies for Controlling Rural-Urban Migration in Turkey Using Choquet Integral
Serhat Tüzün and Tufan Demirel

Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy, Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Conservation Behaviors
Nantarat Tangvitoontham, Suwimon Hengpatana and Polpat Kotrajaras

Design and Development of a Business Management Game as an Approach to Analyze and Support Innovation Policy and Practice
Igor N. Dubina

The Protection Measurement of Non-Tariff Measures: A Case of Asean Countries' MRLS
Wuthiya Saraithong

The Impact of the Ratings on the Cost of Financing Public Debt in the European Union Countries
Tomasz Kopyściański and Tomasz Rólczyński

The Significance of Management Control in the Concept of New Public Management - Selected Theoretical and Practical Aspects in Polish Local Government Units
Jaroslaw Ignacy and Tomasz Kopyściański

Diffusion of Knowledge about Sustainable Supply Chain
Anna Maryniak and Magdalena Stefanska

Local Governments as Stakeholders of Socially Responsible Commercial Enterprises
Magdalena Stefańska and Tomasz Wanat

Rhetorical Vision of a Chinese Corporate Hero: A Fantasy Theme Analysis
Song Zhaoxun

The Determinants of IPO Underpricing in the GCC Countries
Batool K. Asiri and Aalaa J. Haji

Empirical Study of Family Purchase Decision for Durable Goods: The Nigeria Experience
Bright C. Opara and Gideon C. Uboegbulam

The Influence of Industry-University Interactions on Industrial Innovation in Ghana: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Abdul-Fatahi Abdulai, Lyndon Murphy and Brychan Thomas

Management Academic Research Relevance in Organisational Performance
Agha Nancy Chinwe

Development of Structural Equation Modeling of Store Patronage: A Case Study of Hypermarts in Bangkok
Wornchanok Chaiyasoonthorn and Watanyoo Suksangiam

Effects of Organizational Structure at Outsourcing Companies to Operational Performance: A Practice in Logistics Sector
Canan Arikan, Şener Kirci and Şeyma Zengin

Study of Comovement and Inter Dependence of Stock Markets in Developing and Developed Countries
Poornima Srinivasan

You Can't Rivet an Airplane in Your Pajamas: An Activity Theory Perspective of Virtual Work, Culture and Technology
James Rocco DellaNeve and Ann Gladys

Brazil and the United States : Research of Ethics and Values and Analysis of Economic and Political States to Identify Cross-Cultural Differences
Muntaha M. Sheikh and Jessica Varga

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Emotional Quotient Management Model
Uthit Siriwan, Vuttichat Soonthonsmai, Chotika Ramabut, Nutchuda Thitikalaya, Michael Ha and Sunchai Plomelersee

Values Matter: Cultural Considerations for Establishing Agile Development Methods for Offshore Business Units in India and China
Jennifer Grantham and Eliazar Garcia

Measuring Anxiety and Self-Efficacy in Studying Finance-Course for Students in Business-Related Disciplines in Hong Kong
Anders Yung, Sandy Chau and Wai-Tung Ho

Nutritional Solution for Recycled Industrial Food Wastes
Antoine G. Farhat

A Critical Review of the Issues Involved in Academic Moonlighting
Charles O'Neill

The Effects of Customer and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Innovativeness and Performance
Ali Dehghan and Javad Khazaei Pool

Health Determinants of Agricultural Productivity: An Empirical Analysis of Ughelli South in Nigeria
Egbe B. Etowa, Oghenemine D. Onovwie, Seye Babatunde and Josephine B. Etowa

Work-Life Balance Practices, Job Performance and Turnover Intentions
Felicity Asiedu-Appiah, Aleem Mehmood and Bylon Abeeku Bamfo

Dynamic Relationship Between Sectoral Output and Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia: Evidence from Time Series Data Analysis
Abdulkarim K. Alhowaish and Faez S. Al-Shihri

Enhancing Capacity Building for National Security in Nigeria: Historical Perspectives
Iyanda Kamoru Ahmed

Roles of Aboriginal Tour Guides in Aboriginal Tribal Tourism: Cultural Identity and Ethnic Recognition
Jou-juo Chu

A Cultural Materialist Reading of E. M. Forster's the Machine Stops
Ebru Ceker

Media Coverage of Private Brands in the Ecological Segment
Martin Pittner

Torture of Officials in the Middle Ages: A Look into the Depths of Islamic Political History
Samir Kittaniy

Historicising National Elections and their Implications on National Security and Integration in Contemporary Nigerian State: A Centenary Discourse
Godwin Onuh Odeh

Type Project Concept in Primary School Buildings in Turkey
Asli Ekiztepe and Hakan Saǧlam

The Status and Development Prospects of Logistics Point and Linear External Transport Infrastructure as a Determinant of a Company Strategy - on the Basis of the Study Carried out on the Polish Market
Maria Nowicka-Skowron and Aleksander Pabian

A Theoretical Framework for Measuring Sustainable Green Information Technology Practices in Universities of South Africa
Ghebre Embaye Woldu, Sam Lubbe and Nehemiah Mavetera

Quantification of the Effectiveness of Reverse Logistics Activities: An International Level Study
Agata Mesjasz-Lech

Approaches to Infrastructure Planning and Roll-Out: A Comparative Analysis
Jeremiah Mutamba

Bulgarian-Russian Relations in the Context of Global Powers’ Geopolitical Strategies in the Balkans
Penka Peeva

Human Struggle to Experience Kierkegaardian State of Genuine Humanness in John Updike's Writings: Deliberations of a Despairing Self in the Rabbit Tetralogy
Joanna Dworak

Issues of Safety Stock Management of Spare Parts in Industrial Companies
Katarzyna Grondys

Freedom of Expression in the View of Implementation of European Convention of Human Rights and Interpretation by the Case Law of European Court of Human Rights, Limits of Application and its Limitations
Senada Reçi and Brixhilda Gjoka

European Foreign Policy for Azerbaijan: Errors and Challenges
Vasila Hajiyeva