Table of Contents (Volume 01, Number 07) (Download in PDF )

Troubles of a Spiritual Career: The Book of Margery Kempe
Kübra Vural

The Effectiveness in Using Self-Access Learning Package of Pronoun References in Improving Reading Skill of Engineering Students at Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya in Thailand
Tassanee Kirisri and Thanomsi Jenwitheesuk

L’italiano, Il Francese E Le Altre Lingue Romanze Nel Celebre Paralelism Între Limba Rumână Şi Italiană Di Ion Heliade Rădulescu
Elena Pîrvu

Considerazioni Sulla Poesia “Venerdİ Santo" Di Filippo Salvatore
Nicoleta Călina

Ambiguities in Modern Education
Anton Pokrivčák and Silvia Pokrivčáková

Approaches to Recipients in Professional Texts
Milena Krhutová

Psychological Resilience Among Participants of Combative Sports Groups
N. K. Rathee and Sudesh Bhardwaj

DNA Computing: Its Advantages and Future
Manjot Kaur

Am I the Only Going Through This? A Qualitative Research on Parents Raising a Transgender Youth
Wallace Wong, Sana Gaitonde and Tigerson Young

Discussions on Multicultural Education: Turkish Case
Mesut Hazir

Studing Attention Skills of Pre-School Children in Turkey According to Different Variants
Özden Kuşcu and Gökhan Kayılı

The Effects of Pre-Service Teachers' Educational Experiences on Their Attitudes Towards Teaching Profession
Gökhan Özaslan

The Investigation of the Effect of Mother Training Program on Language Development of Children Aged Between 5-6 in Preparation for Primary Education
Devlet Alakoç Pirpir and Nurcan Koçak

The Issue of Consciousness and Sustainability on Bologna Process: A Conceptual Framework
Hakkı Gökbel, Ömür Hakan Kuzu and Hasan Kürşat Güleş

Imagination in Coleridge’s and Stevens’s Poetry
Duygu Yıldırım

The Re-Awakening of the Humanistic Thinking: How to Help Today’s Students to Find Joy in Humanities Once More. An Interdisciplinary Project
Dominika Boroń

Effectiveness of Positive Psychotherapy for Improvement the Mental Health of University Students
Ha-Young Ko and Young-Gun Ko

The Issues and Original Solutions of Integrating Information and Communication Technologies to Initial Teacher Education
Liliana Mâţă, Iuliana Lazăr and Gabriel Lazăr

Lucian Blaga: Teorico Dell’Espressionismo
Emilia Ştefan

Sulla Narrativa Pulp Italiana
Nicoleta Călina

MEŞK: The Traditional Teaching System of Turkish Music
Songül Karahasanoğlu

Challenges in Educating Children in a Marginalised Community: An Obstacle to the Enhancement of the Quality of Life (QoL) on Redang Island, Terengganu, Malaysia
Norizan Abdul Ghani, Izah Mohd. Tahir, Zulkifli A. Manaf and Hafiah Yusof

Woods in the Artistic Space of the White People by Arthur Machen
Jeļena Semeņeca

Emirati Women and the ICT Sector Dilemma: Case Study of Alhosn University
Mhamed Zineddine and Huda Kindi

Philologically Minded Literary Characters as the Allies of Teacher and Researcher
Tatiana Suprun

Educational Aspect of Georgian-Italian Relations and Its Development Stages
Aleqsandre Mgebrishvili

The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation of Third Culture Kids in the Sultanate of Oman
Bernardita D. McGregor

Psychometric Properties of the Thai Adolescent Alcohol Expectancies Questionnaire (TA-AEQ)
Jantima Kheokao, Tassanee Krirkgulthorn, Siritorn Yingrengreung and Prapas Tana

The Development of a Model of the Agricultural Subject Teaching and Learning Process by Using a Research as a Basis: A Case Study of Sustainable and Appropriate Agricultural Technology Subject
Preeyanan Sittijinda

Educational Challenges and Change Management in Multicultural Societies
Anita Nikoleska

The Students’ Expectations of Employment After Graduation from the Department of Computer Programming
Sakir Tasdemir, Ozlem Yagiz, Mustafa Altin and Meltem Uyaroglu

Kaizen/Continuous Improvement Conceptual Paper
Dennis Awen

Integration of Facebook in Schools: Innovation or Danger?
Daniel Chang, Jessica Hao Ning Lee and Calvin Weng

The Vocation as Intersection of Talents and Necessities
Mariana Zubenschi

Motivation-Based Values in Computer Game Playing: Implications to Instructional Design
Tan Wei-Lian

Family Profile of Academically Talented Students (ATS) in Malaysia
Mohd Zuri Ghani and Aznan Che Ahmad

Challenges in the ‘Poly-Melo Education’: The Papua New Guinea Vernacular Spatial Design Experience
Austin K. Polin

Destination Image and Choice Behavior of Student Travelers
Sung-Chae Jung

The Test-Retest Reliability of ‘Y-Balance Test’ as Dynamic Balance Measure on Malaysian Primary School Children
Ai Choo Lee and Kuan Boon Ong

Perceptions of ASEAN Economic Community by Undergraduate Students in Thailand
Kwunkamol Donkwa and Niramon Kladsomboon

Sundanese Folklore to Build Nation Character
Yooke Tjuparmah S. Komaruddin