Table of Contents (Volume 06, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Exploration of Instructing Teacher Education Students with Nodding’s Ethics of Caring
Guai-Hsien Li and Mei-Ju Chou

Relations Between Students’ Cognitive Style and Their Learning Method Preferences
Aurika Komsaare

Designing a Virtual Classroom Collaborative Training and Its Effect on Developing Kuwaiti Kindergarten Teachers’ Professional Competencies
Amal M. A. Alaradah, Ahmed Mohamed Nouby and Alajab Mohammed Alajab

The Importance of Internet Based Searching, Studying, and Activities Among Undergraduates
Serra İnci Çelebi

Facilitating Reflexivity: A Study Promoting the use of Discussion and Debate in the RE Context of Mumbai
Zohra Surani

Critical Thinking in the Moroccan Textbooks of English Language: Ticket to English as a Case Study
Mohsine Jebbour

Keller’s Motivation Model as a Design Variable of an e-Training Environment and Its Effect on Developing Kuwaiti Teachers’ Competencies of e-Lesson Preparation and Their Motivation
Saad A. M. Jormin, Alajab Mohammed Alajab and Abdellatif E. Elgazzar

Developing Alternative Methodological Framework for Facilitating Adult Learning: The Outcome of an Experiment
K.O. Ojokheta, S.B. Oladeji and Abiola Adiat Omokhabi

The Integration of Enviromental Education Priciple for the Development of Environmental Conversation Volunteer Network
Chuleewan Praneetham, Yoksamon Jeaheng, Jaree Phrommana and Kongsak Thathong

The Application of Buddhist Humanity in General Education of University: Take Buddhist Holy Place Rajgir in India as Example
Hsiu-O Chien and Shih-Ching Shiu

Level of the Development of Coordination Between 6-8 Year-Old Children’s Musical Hearing and Vocal Apparatus: Diagnostics Results in Latvia
Jelena Davidova, Galina Zavadska and Ming-Jen Chuang

Strategies for Ensuring Quality Learning in Advanced French: An Action-Research Project on Blended Learning
Marie-Anne Visoi

The Impact of Western Education and Its Culture on Arabic Education in Nigeria
Busari Kehinde Kamorudeen

Ethical Implications of Status of Students Involvement in Examination Malpractices on Their Level of Religiousity
Luqman Lekan Adedeji and Ayodele Iyabo Omojuwa

Preponderant Usage and Engagement of Students with Social Networking: A Helpful Strategy/Tool of Learning or an Unhelpful Distraction?
Ogungbe Oluseyi Mawuton, Ogunjobi Michael Oluwagbemiga and Adewopo Adeniyi

Must Evolutionism and Creationism Have the Same Space in Science Classes?
Isabela Maria Silva Leão, Heslley Machado Silva and Elaine Sandra Nicolini Nabuco De Araujo

Authentic Language, Authentic Learning
Shadyah Cole

The Role of Images in Foreign Languages Teaching
Ileana Mihaela Chirițescu and Floriana Anca Păunescu

Investigating the Construction of MOOCs
Tony Cripps and Sean O’Connell

Analysis of Management Processes in Universities
Lidia Niculita, Florinela Ardelean and Gabriela Pavelescu

Self-Marginalization in Tesol: A Case Study of Thai Teachers of English
Phongsakorn Methitham

Visualizing the History of Dato’ Maharajalela Through Game Application
Syahrini Shawalludin

Turkish Nationalism and Social Media
Ceyda Kuloğlu