Table of Contents (Volume 02, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

International Terrorism and Nigerian Security: A Case Study of Boko Haram Network/Sect Network
Chidozie Ezeozue

Unused Mother Languages in the Internet and Its Impact on the Activation of the Civilizations Dialogue
Hussein Omar Al Khozahe

Matched-Guise Technique: Measuring Attitudes Towards Croatian, Italian, Chakavian, Istrovenetian and Code-Switching Among Students in Istria
Nada Poropat Jeletic

Local Governance in Mexico: Reconfiguration, Diagnosis, Opportunities and Challenges
Mario E. Ibarra Cortés

Moving Forward with Farmers Innovations: Strategies for Sustaining System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Andhra Pradesh, India
R. Vasantha

Synergizing Efforts Towards Creating Awareness About HIV/AIDS: An Appraisal of the Red Ribbon Express Campaign
Sarita Anand and Sunaina Batra

The New Way of Thinking: Cooperation Between the University and Local Self – Government in the Process of Revitalizing Post-Industrial Districts in Upper Silesia
Magdalena Zmudzinska-Nowak and Anna Szewczenko

Interaction Between International Human Rights Law and Turkish Domestic Law
Olgun Akbulut

Literature as Communication
Kate N. N. Ndukauba

Similarities and Differences Between Rural and Urban Women on the Riskfactors of Intimate Partner Violence in Malaysia
Siti Waringin Oon, Rashidah Shuib, Siti Hawa Ali, Noraida Endut, Intan Osman, Sarimah Abdullah, Siti Shahrizatil Husna Shaharudin and Puzziawati Abdul Ghani

Belittling Japanese Nationalism in Hetalia: Axis Powers
Theodore Alexander Sands

Vernacular Islam in Azerbaijan
Lala Aliyeva

The Atmosphere as a Global Common. the Scientific Construction of a Global Good and the Problem of Global Governance
Jost Halfmann

Ocular Health Interventions: Alleviating Poverty and Promoting Gender Balance
Shujaat Wasty, Shirley Steinberg, Kate Maguire and Jennie Phillips

Limiting Due Care Liability of Directors
Ali Bengi

Quest for Arab Spring Chromosomes in OWS Protests
Debashis Chakrabarti

Study of Social Change: Search for New Approaches
Irina Suvorova

The Legal Basis of Renewable Energy Sources in Turkey
Yakup Gonen and Emre Can

Chinese Immigrants in the U.S.: A Study of Sui Sin Far’s Selected Short Stories
Truska Muhamad Alaadin

Tackling Climate Change in Africa: Effective or Rhetoric Interventions?
Llewellyn Leonard

Implicit Social Cognition Mediator for the Development of Malaysian Career Factor Inventory (MYCFI)
Ina Md Yasin and Mohamad Ibrani Shahrimin

Harold Pinter: the Media Reception in Serbia
Ivana Pantić

Deployment Related Stress Processes in National Guard Families: A Qualitative Analysis
Joseph R. Herzog, Diane L. Scott, Melinda L. Lewis and R. Blaine Everson

Between Religion and Literature: A Glimpse to a 16th Century Arabic Manuscript
Samir Kittaniy

Representation of Temporal Relations in Narrative
Svitlana Chugu

The Dialectics of Gender Equity and Nigerian Politics: An Analysis of the 2011 Nigerian General Elections
Sefinatu Aliyu Dogo

Alawi Revival in Turkish Fictional Cinema After 2000’s
Nilay Ulusoy

“George Eliot’s Mind is Like the National Gallery”: the Visual Appeal in Romola
Jaqueline Bohn Donada

The Role of Pension Supplements in Maintaining Nigeria Retirees’ Standard of Living
Ezi Beedie

Perceptions of Gender and Motherhood in Turkish Womens Literature: History and New Perspectives
Elifhan Kose

TV.Community - Usability Test
Paulo Duarte Branco and Maria Barbas

Metaphors Penetrating Faulkner’s Prose
Nino Dondoladze

A Watershed Election: the 2012 Presidential Election and Policies for the Next Admministration
Marie D. Natoli

Michael Moore: Bending the Documentary
John R. Hamilton

Foster Parent Support and Retention: A Policy Approach
Leah Hamilton

The Level of Satisfaction Among Households and Business Communities on Municipal Services in Sungai Petani
Zaherawati Zakaria and Kamarudin Ngah

“Transgender”: the Possibility of Adding a Third Gender Option
Dalinda Prinsloo

Constitutional Changes in Georgia: Political and Legal Aspects
Karlo Godoladze

Null Subject and Agreement Asymmetry in Modern Standard Arabic1
Yaser Al-Sharafi

Urban Regeneration and the Social Exclusion: the Case of Izmir Narkent Project
Hakan Arslan

Cyber Activism Versus Social Activism: An Evaluation of Social Media Influence on Occupy Nigeria Protest
Angela Nkiru Nwammuo, Chinenye Nwabueze and Izuchukwu Mekowulu

Researching on the ‘Everyday’ Domesticity Figuring Out (Different) Ways to Use Ethnographic Research Methodology in Spatial Research
Nuttinee Karnchanaporn

Assessing the Islamic Inheritance (Faraid) Concepts and Practicea Among Muslims in Malaysia
Azizon Salleh

Dotting in the Streets: Life of Urban Areas Held by Mom and Pop Shops
Apiradee Kasemsook

Positive Psychology – A Positive Self Facing an Adverse World
Cristina Maria Gonçalves Pereira

Syntactic and Semantic Processing During Idiom Comprehension in English, French, and Tunisian Arabic
Wissal Belhaj Rhouma

Mythopoesis of the Inner Body in Contemporary Western Culture
Alexandra Nagornaya

Interpretation of Greek Mythology in the Poetry of W. B. Yeats
Ketevan Grdzelidze

Cybercrime as a Threat to Transnational Security
Alexander Nagorny

The Impact of City Spaces and Identity in the Residents’ Behavior
Pooya Lotfabadi

Political Correctness From the Standpoints of Face and Politness theories (on Material From English and Georgian)
Natia Vasadze

The Influence of Depression on Fall Risk in Elderly People Living in the Interior of Portugal
Cláudia Chaves, Rosa Martins, Cátia Duarte, Catarina Albernaz, Ana Lacerda, Rita Artiaga, Ana Barbosa, Rita Sousa, Fábio Pereira, Kelly Nascimento and Catarina Lourenço

Child Depression in the Family Context
Adel G. Tannous

Dante E La Scrittura Divina
Nicoleta Călina