Table of Contents (Volume 04, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Process and Procedure for Evidence based Policy Development in Nigerian Agricultural Sector
Jane Munonye O.

An Exploration of Themes and Thematic Pattern in the Verbal Anchorages of Selected Panorama Pictures in Tell Magazine
Ariyo Kayode Samuel and Akinkurolere Susan Olajoke

Arthur Leist and Georgian-German Cultural and Literary Relations
Ellen Khojevanishvili

Article 6 of Rome Regulation and Its Applicability to Doctor-Patient Relationship with International Element: Is Patient a Consumer?
Iva Šimková

A Social Capital Approach to Housing Issues
Mohammad Borzooeian

Contemporary Relationships: A Portrait of Poles and Americans in the Twenty-First Century as Presented in the Books of Marek Walkuski
Patrycja Nosiadek

Representation Du Sentiment Amoureux Dans La Litterature Orale Kabyle: Exteriorisation Et Transgression Dans Les Chants D’Idylle De Timeghras
Nora Belgasmia and Amar Guendouzi

The Innovation Performance of Russian High-Tech Industries and the Role of the Government Support
Svetlana Balashova, Svetlana Revinova and Inna Lazanyuk

Analysis of Theoretical Aspects of the Formation, Precondition and Promotion of Youth Civic Engagement
Pāvels Jurs

Form Follows City: Shedding Light on the Necessity of the Self-Organized City
Mohsen Mohseni

Social Media Newsrooms in Public Relations: Corporate Practices Between Turkey and Russia
Aydemir Okay and A. Seçkin Canan

The Wealth and Value Creating Activities of Selected Banks in Cebu City, Philippines for Small and Medium Enterprises
Lolita V. Velita

Heatlh Consequences and Risk Perception on Areca Nut Chewing Among Young Adults on Guam
Ana Joy Mendez and Luz Celine Cabading

Public Participaiton as a New Conflcit Resolution Approach in Thailand
Chutarat Chompunth

Fillmic and Verbal Metaphors
Manana Rusieshvili-Cartledge and Rusudan Dolidze

Challenging Hierarchies: Life and Times of Pandita Ramabai 1858–1922
Mini Nanda

Employment Issues of the Roma Population
Ágnes Pálóczi

Legislative Prayer, the Supreme Court of the United States and Two Concepts of Religious Liberty: Town of Greece, New York V. Galloway
Richard F. Duncan

Translation Challenges with Phrasal Verbs
Felicia Oluchukwu Asadu

Problems and Their Solutions in Light of the Quranic Texts: Analytical, Linguistic and Rhetorical Study
Hessah Abdullah Bin Romaih

The Valley of Beni Snous: A Linguistic Description
Fatma Kherbache

It Was Not Possible for Germany to Build an Atomic Bomb During the Second World War
Shantanu Nagar

Blended Learning Policy and Human Development Opportunity
Edy Santoso, Susy Susilawati and Raymon

Theoretical Analysis on the Implications of Chinese Policy Towards South Asia
J. Thumira Sampath Gunasena

Referendum – Importance And Distinction From The Other Forms Of Direct Democracy
Gasper Kokaj

Language as a Vehicle of Socio-Educational Inclusion of Undergraduate Indigenous Students at the University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Alejandra Bernal Venegas and César Correa Arias

Curriculum Leadership: Integration of ICT in Undergraduate Students at the Campus of Social Sciences and Humanity, University of Guadalajara, Mexico
Joaquín Reyes Lara and César Correa Arias

On Identity and Imitation in Architecture
Milena Quintanilla Carranza

The Minimalist Dwelling and Lifestyle as Determinants of the User Personality
Arturo Francisco Orozco Hernández

Monopoly in Malaysia Television Market: Effect on Malaysian Film Producers
Zairul Anuar bin Md. Dawam, Shahizan Ali, Rosli Sareya, Adley Bromeo Bianus and M. Fazmi Hisham

Remarks on the Semantics of Nigerian Legal Language
Okeke, Chukwuma O.

Trance Healing and Well-Being: The Bebayuh and Seladai Dance
Solehah Ishak

Ritualistic Healing in Wayang Kulit
Mohamed Ghouse Nasuruddin

The Millenium Developemtn Goals: Nigeria Versus the Set Date
Edmund Eze Onyeneho

Ethnicity and Multiparty System in Nigeria
Adah Polycarp Ashondi

Folkloric and Humanistic Convergences “Jan Urban Jarnik – Ioan Micu Moldovan” Collaboration
Aurelia Mariana Mărginean (Neagoie)

Mentoring Architecture Students in the University Of Jos, Nigeria: A Case for Improving Sustainable Training and Practices
Evelyn L. A. Allu

Effect of Transformational Leadership on Followers’ Collective Efficacy And Group Cohesiveness: Social Identity as Mediator
Ponmythili Muppidathi and Venkat R. Krishnan

Political Economy and Insurgency in Africa: Boko Haram in Context
Ikechukwu Jude Donald Nwosu

The Proving Ground: Transcending Marginality Through Resilience in Healthcare
Josephine Etowa

Of the Paradoxical Redeployment of Hegel’S Thought in Black American Non-Fiction Prose
Sabrina Zerar and Bouteldja Riche

Synecdoche in Hebrew Literature
Bienvisa Ladion Nebres

Problem of Immigration and Quest for Identity in Assam, India
Protim Sharma

The Nigerian Woman and Leadership: A Cultural and Religious Dissection
Evelyn Umemezia

Cognitive Approach to Literary Texts
Heghine Isahakyan

Contemporary Cinema and Domestic Violence in Nigeria: A Study of Uche Jombo’s Damage
Obiorah Ekwueme

Global Food Security or a New “Enclosure Movement”?
András Schlett

Translating Humor: A Comparative Analysis of Three Translations of Three Men in a Boat
Harika Karavin

Female Gendered Identity: An Analysis of Shifted Gender Linguistic Markers of Women’s Speech in Mixed– Sex Interaction
Ghada Al Ghathami

Omoku Funeral Songs: A Literary Analysis
Messiah Isaac Ahiakwo

International Technology Transfer Impact on Developing Countries: The Case of Russia and China
Liubov Evstigneeva

Strengthening Small and Medium Enterprises for Poverty Reduction and Technological Advancement in Africa
Nneka Ngozi Nwankpa

Space and Metaphors: On the Example of English and Georgian Languages
Manana Rusieshvili-Cartledge and Rusudan Dolidze

A Cross-Cultural Study of the Health-Seeking Behaviours of Nigerians From the Perspective of Nigerian Care Providers: Challenges for Collaboration
C. C. Onyigbuom, O. van den Akker and C. Alexis-Garsee

Recognition of Professional Qualifications Under Directive 2005/36 and the Effects of the Practical Implementation
Senada Reçi

Higher Education: A Panacea for Sustainable Development – The Nigerian Experience
Ngozi E. Uzoka, Rosita O. Igwe and Casimir I. Ekwerike

Rewriting Identity: Alice Walker’s the Third Life of Grange Copeland
Gulab Singh

Gender and Islam: Normative Approach in Islamic Law
Shahzadi Pakeeza

Domestic Violence Against Women in Nigeria: Time to Engage the Criminal Law
Grace Titilayo Kolawole-Amao

Implications of Government Spending and Economic Growth on Poverty Level in Nigeria
Simon-Oke O. Olayemi

Hijaz Photos in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: Analytic Study of the National Geographic Magazine
Maha Ali Alkhashil

Educational Leadership Competencies and Malaysia Education Development Plan 2013 – 2025
Yahya Don, Arumugam Raman, Yaakob Daud, Kamarudin Kasim and Mohd Sufian Omar Fauzee