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Built Environment Professionals’ Perceptions of Sustainable Urban Built Environment and the Way Forward for Nigeria
Evelyn L. A. Allu

United Against Drugs? Divergent Counternarcotic Strategies of Us Government Agencies in Afghanistan
Anthony George Armiger II

Determinants of Dividend Policy: Evidence from Textile Industry of Pakistan
Akhtiar Ali, Xu Fengju, Antonio Goncalves de Andrade and Umair Saeed

An Empirical Approach of Exploring and Confirming a Reliable Scale for Faculty Evaluation at Higher Institutions
Said Taan El Hajjar

A Study on Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution in Hospitality Organizations
Şevket Yirik, Burcu Ilgaz Yildirim and Nursel Çetinkaya

Issues of Authenticity in the Reconstruction of Architectural Environments
Robert Curtis Anderson

The Medusa’s Head: The Stoic Doctrine as Opposed to Life
Ana Leticia Adami

Fatehpur Sikri and Florence in Salman Rushdie’s the Enchantress of Florence
Burcu Tercan

The Role of Public Discourse in Threat Framing: The Case of Islamophobia in Czech Republic
Donatella Bonansinga

Effect of Green Consumption Values on Behavior: The Influence of Consumption Attitude
Tsai-Feng Kao and Yi-Chan Tu

Adaptations of Japanese Linguistics in North American Diaspora Literature
Oana-Meda Păloşanu

The Author and the Narrator in the Nick Adams Stories (From Hemingway’s in Our Time)
Natia Kvachakidze

Assessment of Expectations and Tendencies on Development of Accessible Tourism: A Study on Demand
Zeki Akinci

Implementation of Physics Education in Nature: An Organizing Problem
Yasemin Doğan and Zeynep Gürel

Body of Death Versus Godhead: Alchemical Imagery and the Emblematic Structure of John Donne’s Death’s Duell
Piotr Plichta

A Moral Panic Towards Transforming Sexual Norms in Poland
Anna Jawor

The Historical Ecological Footprint of Mankind From 10,000 Bc to Today
Cecilia Szigeti and Gergely Toth

Two Poems and Two Portraits: “Portrait D’Un Femme” & “Portrait of a Lady”
Yusuf Ziyaettin Turan

Narrating the Invisible — Affective Spaces of Lars Von Trier
Vesna Dinić

Human Dignity in the European and International Legislations
Maria Irina Budică-Iacob

The Tragedy of the Exceptional Individual in the Works of Henrik Ibsen and Vazha-Pshavela
Kakhaber Loria

Crumbling under the Disciplinary Gaze: Power Relations and the Illusion of Freedom in Shaila Abdullah’s Saffron Dreams and Laila Halaby’s Once in a Promised Land, a Foucauldian Reading
Nabila Ali Marzouk Ahmed

Gender Differences in Access to and Repayment of Bank of Agriculture Loans Among Cooperative Farmers in Anambra State, Nigeria
C. O. A. Ugwumba and F. O. Uchehara

Richard Warren Field’s the Swords of Faith: A Historical Analogy Between the Third Crusade and 9/11
Nisreen Yousef

Sisters Doing it for Themselves in the Middle East: Emirati Women Navigating Their Career Paths
Kathy O’Sullivan

Revolt Against Oppression in Betty Shamieh’s the Black Eyed
Sahar Mokbel

The Effect of Change in Welding Speed in Laser Welding of Stainless Steel Piezo Injector Parts on Weld Bead Geometries
Regaib Ugur Ertem, Selahattin Yumurtaci and Tolga Mert

Mock-Documentary: Defining the Genre with the Analysis of Death of a President (2006)
S. Serhat SERTER

A Glossary of Philippine Celebrities’ Names as Used in Gay Lingo
Christian George C. Francisco

The Kindergarten Teacher and Information and Communication Technology: The Case of Obudu Local Government Area, Nigeria
Florence A. Undiyaundeye and Eni I. Eni

The Evolution and Growth of Arabic Free Verse Among the Yoruba Scholars of Southwest Nigeria
Kahar Wahab Sarumi

Modeling with Parameter Identification of Pollutant Adsorption on Novel Modified Biomass as a Means of Lake/River Water Decontamination
Fragiskos A. Batzias, Dimitrios K. Sidiras, Christina G. Siontorou, Ilias G. Konstantinou, George N. Katsamas, Ioanna S. Salapa and Stavroula P. Zervopoulou

The Shifting Shades of Elegance on Display in 1930S Estoril: When Tourism Meets Fashion
Cristina Carvalho

Play Materials and Pupils Development of Social Skills in Pre-Primary Schools in Abia State, Nigeria
Florence Nwankwo

Political Uncertainty and Violence in Nigeria: Politicising the Boko Haram Insurgency in North-Eastern Nigeria
Godwin A. Vaaseh

Educational Implications of Mother-Son Relationship: A Textual Analysis of Chukwuemeke Ike’s the Potter’s Wheel
Clara Olajumoke Akinyeye

The Contribution of Ikorodu Industrial Estate on Ambient Atmospheric Pollution
Johnson Olaoye Oloyede

Participants and Those Who Opted Out: An Exploratory Recidivism Study of the Vanderburgh County (Indiana) Treatment Court
James G. Dickerson and Melissa J. Stacer

The Influence of Teachers’ Questioning and Feedback on Students’ Affect in the Interaction of EFL Classroom
Liu Yuhui and Ding Sen

The Nigerian Dramatist in the Midst of Globalization: Challenges and Prospects
Joel Avaungwa Fanyam

Effect of Language Experience Approach on Word Recognition Among Upper Basic One Students Who are Non-Readers in Benue State, Central Nigeria
Joyce Terumbur Dankaro

A Study of the Performance in Fine Arts of the Hearing Impaired (Deaf) and the Normal Children in Vandeikya Local Government of Benue State, Central Nigeria
Isaac Terzungwe Dankaro

Did True Love Exist in Medieval Poland? A Study of Love in Medieval Poland as Portrayed in the Miracula
Karolina Morawska

Social Attitudes Toward Entrepreneurship and Women’s Entrepreneurial Activity in the Context of Post-Soviet Developing Countries (Evidence From Georgia)
Ia Natsvlishvili

The Vampire as the Gender and Racial Construction of Western Capitalism’s White Masculinity in English and American Gothic Literature
Kristian Pérez Zurutuza

Communicating Contents Among Nigerian Telecommunication Service Providers: How Has Face-To-Face Media Fared?
Nelson Obinna Omenugha

Coaching Emotion: The Use of Coaching as a Management Technique to Support the Emotional Labour of New Teachers
Audrey Tang

The Deaf Community’s Attitudes Towards Islamic Education
Abd Hakim Mohad, Nizaita Omar, Ros Aiza Mohd Mokhtar and Zulkifly Muda

The Arabic Conjunction “Bal“ and Its Flexibility
Mohammad Saleh Alghamdi

The Poet’s Home: Architectural Innovations in Rabindranath Tagore’s Dwellings in Santiniketan
Saptarshi Sanyal

Assessing Scientific Skills of Applicants for a Master’s Degree Program
Peter Steinkellner and Karl Zehetner