Table of Contents (Volume 06, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

A Survey of Student’s Attitude to Oral Expression in Language Classroom
Ajeleti Christianah Funmilola and Oladeji Nureni Olayiwola

The Impact of Collective Trauma on Societies (Case: August War 2008)
Nino Tabeshadze

The Relation between Students’ Apathy and Public Apathy in National Politics of Indonesia
Mawar Juwita Riana and Medila Putri

Barbary and Stuart Britain Through British Captives’ Eyes
Sabrina Zerar and Rezzik Mohand Akli

Adolescence Problems upon Students of Intermediate, Secondary School and Its Relationship with Some Variables
Raghad Ibrahim and Mohamed Baqir

Die Bürgschaft und der Private Bürgschaftsvertrag
Semra Aydoğdu

Influence of Personal Attitude on Social Networking of Indonesian Youth in the Social Media
Loina Lalolo Krina Perangin-angin

Canoe Sports Tourism in Manavgat
Engin Derman and Sevcan Yıldız

The Role of Life Insurance on the Economy: Turkey as a Case Study
Özer Bakar and Kaan Hamza Balta

The Correlation Between Organizational Trust and Loneliness at Work-Life: A Research on Employees at a Firm in Turkey
Ceren Giderler; Mürsel Güler and Memduh Eren Giderler

The Child Being “Res Publica”? An Analysis of Contemporary Turkish Debates About the Compulsory Preschool Education and Legal Problems Therein
Bilge Bingöl Schrijer

A Study on Campaigns That Succeeded on the Digital Activism Platform Change.Org
Ece Karadoğan Doruk and Ayda Akbıçak

Preventing Childhood Obesity Campaign: The Ministry of Health (Malaysia) Health Poster Campaign
Hafizah Rosli

Interpreting Wayang Kulit in New Media Practice: The Symbols of Shadow
Nurziehan Baharuddin and Mohd Suhaimi Juhan

Blended Learning Policy: As an Effort to Improve Competence in Legal Drafting Training Program
Edy Santoso and Imaduddin Hamzah

‘Sovereign Power and Bare Life’: Agamben and Biopolitics
Oylum Tanrıöver and Serkan Kırlı

Never Ending Nightmare: Violence Against Women in Turkey
Ceyda Kuloğlu

Consumer Buying Behavior: What Consumerism Means to Marketers
Sarmistha Nandy and Chandrakanta Das

Comparative Analysis Between the Asean Economic Community and European Union in the First Stage
Caria Ningsih

Dropping Out: Self-Esteem and Motivational Persistence as Determinant Variables
Loredana Mihăileasa

Czech Cemetery as Isolated Garden of the Memories
Klára Frolíková-Palánová and Martin Nedvěd

The Effect of Social Media Usage on Students’ Stress and Anxiety: A Research in Karabuk University Faculty of Business
Doğan Aydogan and Ozan Buyukyilmaz

Market Segmentation and Preference of Children’s TV Animation
Seol Ri Kim and Nam Hoon Kim

Analysis on the Current Situation of the Primary Local Government Social Economic Support Centers’ Design Supporting Division in south Korea
Kim Minji and Jung Euitay

The Negative Europeanization in the Judiciary
Kristina Špottová

Lis Pendens Before National and Arbitration Courts
Pavlína Janečková

Language Attitudes Of DKI Jakarta’s Officials Toward Jakarta’s Governor Policy (Basuki Tjahaya Purnama/Ahok) on Promotions/ Demotions of DKI Jakarta’s Officials in 2015
Hj. Sriyeti

A Perspective of Evolution, Development and Growth Beyond the Town Nucleus: Special Reference to the Cyprus Case
Mattheos Economides

The Influence of Video Based on Experiential Learning Toward the Socio-Emotion of the Children in Kindergarten
Imanuel Hitipeuw and Lusia Rianghati L.

The Power of Communication Tools During Military Coups in Turkey: Comparison of 1980 Coup and 2016 Coup Attempt
Lale Dündar

Impact of HR Practices on SME Performance: A Case Study of Pakistan’s Enterprise

Resistance Theory in the Political Culture Of Iran: A Case Study of Iranian Constitutionalist Movement
Aref Masoudi and Zahra Khoshk Jan

The Development of Mathematics Skill Package on the Relationship Between Addition and Multiplication for Prathom Suksa Students
Siriporn Srichantha