Table of Contents (Volume 03, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Repression or Hegemony: Powerplay in the Social order in Krishna Sobti’s Zindaginama
Ashok Verma

On Maugham’s Narrative Skills: A Case Study of the Romantic Young Lady
Ruichao Sun and Xinhui Yang

Analysis of Factors Affecting Utility in Residential Buildings at Erekesan Urban-Core Akure, South-Western Nigeria
Fashuyi Olugbenga Stephen

The Unfairness of Prescription Periods in the South African Law
C M Van Der Bank

Living Life Backwards: How Memory ‘Resurrects’ Meaning in Arundhati Roy’s Novel the God of Small Things
Pushpinder Walia

The Difficulty of Classification and the Dichotomies of Tradition and Innovation in Postwar British Fiction
Baris Mete

The Disputes Between South Korea and Japan: The Zainichi Koreans and Korean Popular Culture Phenomenon’s Impacts on the Zainichi Koreans
Esin Yurdagul

What’s in a Body? (The Male and Female Perspective)
Alexandra Nagornaya

The Dominant Factors in the Causes of Poverty Level in Indonesia
Steph Subanidja and Eduardus Suharto

Richard Bach’s Jonathon Livingston Seagull – for the Teacher and the Taught
Madhavi Godavarthy

Crisis of Heritage Identity and Sense of Place in the Built Environment of the Saudi Cities: A Case Study
M. Alsheliby, M. Beattie and A. Ballantyne

Variations in Aphasic Language Behaviours – A Case Study of Some Selected Bilinguals at the Uch Ibadan
Awoniyi and Folorunso Emmanuel

Female Politicians’ Speech: Clinton vs Matvienko
Leyla Parastaeva

The Bear Cult in Russian Culture and its Cultural Linguistic Analysis
Murat Uluoglu

Aesthetics in Sam Shepard’s Plays and the Impact of the Open Theater
Anxhela Starja

Narrating and Assessing the Value of Heritage Assets Preserve Identity and Culture
Ledina Merkaj

Chronic Disease and Mental Health Perception
Cláudia Chaves, João Duarte, Paula Nelas, Emilia Coutinho, Maria Martins, Paulo Vale,
Mariana Teixeira, Tiago Paiva, Sandra Tricas-Sauras and Angela Kydd

Literature as Life: Healing and Freedom Through Story Telling
Ebere Nweze

Saudi Arabia and Interfaith Dialogue
Nani Gelovani

The Flexibility of Academic Disciplines: An Analysis of Literature in Interdisciplinary Discourse
Galadima Moses Pyefa

Role of Political Networks in Voting Behavior
Anahit Gharibyan

The Principle of “Administrative Guarantee” and the Ural Provincial Boards’ Activity (Late Imperial Russia)
Sergey Lyubichankovskiy

Situational Factors Affecting the Use of Ethically Ambiguous Negotiation Tactics
Anikó Tompos and Lívia Ablonczy-Mihályka

Eu Climate Policy from Kyoto to Durban
Elena Andreevska

War as Satire: An Interpretation of Selected Nigeria-Biafra War Novels
Ojel Clara Anidi

A New Dimension in Recent Malaysian Printmaking
Nor Azlin Hamidon and Hamidi Abdul Hadi

Neologismi Politici Della Tunisia Postrivoluzionaria
Asma Skander and Samiha Chemli

Suppy Chain Management for Library Technical Services: a Case Study of Medical School Libraries in Thailand
Wawta Techataweewan

Unlocking “The Merchant of Venice” – Caskets and Rings (and their Relatives: Boxes, Chasses, Sarcophagi, Reliquaries, Skulls and Cumdachs)
Ann Dunn

Civil Society and NGOs on Digital Era in Turkey
Kamil Demirhan

Projects as a Tool for Personal Development
Melih Arat

Supernatural and Psychological Reading in Hamlet and Beloved: A Comparative Study
Madhulika Sinha and Abhishek Sinha

Past Actions with Certain Forms of Past Imperfect Time (Imperfekt) in Macedonian and Albanian Language
Aleksandra Taneska and Blagojka Zdravkovska-Adamova

The Dissociated Characters of Joyce Carol Oates
Entela Kushta

Abstract Art in the Process of the Transformation and Regenaration in Turkish Painting
Ekin Deveci

Coverage of Internal Politics in the Foreign Press: A Look at the Arab Spring Through the New Media
A. Asli Sezgin

Synthesizing of the Cases with the Theory: Maritime Security Issues Between India and Sri Lanka and Barry Buzan’s Security Dimensions
Sandya Nishanthi Gunasekara

The Place of Religion in Post–Communist Countries. The Romanian Situation
Gelu Čalina

The Problems of Literary Translation: A Study of Emily Dickinson’s Selected, Translated Poems into Kurdish
Sherzad Shafi Babo Barzani

Power Politics, Ethnic Chauvinism and Succession Crisis: The Aftermath of the 2011 Elections and the Fear for 2015 Elections in Nigeria
Adekunle S. Ajisebiyawo and Babatunde O. Agara

Vengeance and Individual Responsibility in Tarjei Vesaas’s the Seed and Mikheil Javakhishvili’s the Devil’s Stone
Kakhaber Loria

Socio–Economic Marginalization of Backward Caste Muslims in India
Chandana Jha and Pawan Kumar Jha

Curriculum Leadership for the Integration of Informational and Communication Technologies (Ict) into Grade Studies of a Campus of Social Sciences and Humanities (Cucsh), at the University of Guadalajara
Joaquín Reyes Lara and César Correa Arias