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What Are Successful, Fast-Graduating Masters Made of?
Kaarina Määttä and Satu Uusiautti

Bank System Evolution in Georgia
Simon Gelashvili and Tamar Atanelishvili

Effectiveness of Set in Enhancing the Entrepreneurial Competencies of the Students Belonging to Special Population
Maria Joselyn J. Paje

A Reading in the Poetry of the Afro-German May Ayim From Dual Inheritance Theory Perspective: The Impact of Audre Lorde on May Ayim
Yasser K. R. Aman

From Karamzin to Putin: Transformative Learning in Practice
Paulina De Santis and Oksana Willis

Categorical States and Diminished Agency
John Pauley

Intellectual Property And R&D Investment as Measures of Innovation in Switzerland, the USA, and Singapore
Abdurrahman Taha Eker

Religious Crises, Peace and Security in Nigeria
Patricia Anwuluorah

Maritime Delimitation Case Between Romania-Ukraine and Its Effects on Turkey
Senol Kurt and Abdulkadir Guclu

Children’s Literature in Translation: A Case Study on L. Frank Baum’s the Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Asalet Erten

Evaluating the Cultural Differences in Bankruptcy Fraud and Money Laundering in the United States and Europe
Pamela Jasmin Wong and Brenda Limon Tezpa

A Coaching Based Management Model for Eliminating Performance Interferences: Problem-Reality-Action (PRA)
Recep Yalçın

The Issue of Women’s Representation in Turkish Political Culture: Inquiry of Justice in Representation
Emine Yavaşgel and Nilüfer Fatma Göksu

Immersing Foundation Year International Students into American Higher Education Through Unified Programmatic Approaches
David M. Copice and Julia E. Tracewski

Flames and Ashes: The Significance of Death by Burning in Europe, 1400–1800
Marisha Caswell

On the Supremacy of Science and Nonsensicality of Metaphysics: A Critical Consideration
Dennis E. Igwe

Pushkar and Pushkar Fair: Its Historical, Religious and Cultural Perspective
Madhu Singh

Assessing the Impact of Boko Haram Attacks on Christians in Nigeria
Dominic Shimawua, Igbum Victor and Daniel Asue

Paranoia and Pain in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
Al-Assad Omar

The Health Implications of Grandparents Co-Residing with Their Grandchildren
Xiaolin Shi

Digital Media Program Curriculum Design Enhance Learning Outcomes and Employment Ready Portfolios
James Livingston

Team Improvement and Learning in Self-Organizing Contexts
Stefan Lipowsky and Joel Schmidt

The First Domino Failed: The Foreign Borrowing Process of Ottoman Empire Starting with the Crimean War (1854–1914)
Mehmet Burak Buluttekin

Community Life and Women in an Emerging Satellite Town, Past and Present: A Case of Rajarhat, Kolkata, India
Arunima Dhar

Corporate Governance and Behavioral Change in the Oil and Gas Industry: – The Case of Gas Flaring
Nkechinyere Edith Dinkpa

Combined Effect of Personality Traits and Collectivistic Culture on Employee’s Job Stress in Banking Sector
Asrar Hussain and Seemab Chaman

Gory Attractions in the Threshold of the Contemporary Media: The Level of Influence on Young People
John Ayodele Oyewole

Concepts, Issues and the Effectiveness of Alternative Tourism Management in Thailand: A Case Study of Plai Pong Pang Homestay, Amphoe Ampawa, Samut Songkram Province
Suwanchai Hounnaklang

Development, Globalization and Cross-Country Variation of Lending Rates Within the Pass-Through of Deposit Rate to Lending Rate Model
Anisul M. Islam

The Study of Rural Settlements Through Development Plans: A Content Analysis of the Fourth and Fifth Macro Development Plans
Hamideh Dabbaghi Varnosfaderani and Ali Sarkamari

Policy Transfer: Revisiting Concept and Process
Titilayo Soremi

Analysis of Skin Friction Drag in Boundary Layer of Subsonic Fluid Flow Around Different Aerodynamically Shaped Objects
Shehret Tilvaldyev, Brisa Selene Martínez Aparicio, Luis Gonzalo Guillen Anaya, Javier Baca Melendez, Vitalyi Kovalenko and Maxim Bakaev

Rethinking Polygamy in Islamic Exegetical Discourse
Nadia M. Wardeh

Using Film to Teach Critical Thinking: Three Approaches in the Rhetoric and Expository Writing Classroom
Lynette Tan Yuen Ling, Coleen Angove and Anuradha Ramanujan

Assessing the Impacts of Riparrian Land Use on Gully Development and Sediment Load: A Case Study of Nzhelele River Valley, Limpopo Province, South Africa
B. Mavhuru, N.S. Nethengwe and F. Dondofema

Sectarianist Writings in Islam: Prejudice Against the Hashshashin In 12 th and 13 th Century Muslim Historiography
Natasha Shahid

Structural Validity of the Neo Personality Inventory 3 (NEO-PI-3) in a French-Canadian Sample
Yann Le Corff and Mathieu Busque-Carrier

Dear Lecturer: Engineering Students’ Perceptions of Teaching for Understanding
Ira Raveh

Understanding the Lived Experiences of Joint Honours Graduates: How can Educators Best Enable Student Success?
Louise Pigden

The Sense of Local Identity Characteristic in Malaysian Animation
Faryna Mohd Khalis, Normah Mustaffa and Mohd Nor Shahizan Ali

Visualizing Dramatic Texts: Eugene Ioneco’s The Chairs and Badal Sircar’s Evam Indrajit
Tanuja Mathur