Table of Contents (Volume 06, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Feng-Shui’s “Hidden Arrow”: A Straight Dry Wash can Trigger a Debris/Mudflow Disaster
Ping Xu

Mathematical Coefficients for the Control of the Sports Performance of the Baseball Players During the Games
Islay Pérez Martínez and Ariadna Quintana Díaz

Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies and Applications
Sevil Köfteci and Havva Serpil Ay

A Comparative Analysis of Steganography Methodologies used in Social Media
Nehzat Razavi and Aydin Cetin

Monthly Variations of Zooplankton in a Freshwater Body (Maryap Pond, Turkey)
Hilal Bulut and Serap Saler

New Hadamard-Type Inequalities for M-Convex Functions
M. Emin Özdemir, Ahmet Ocak Akdemir and Merve Avci-Ardiç

Fuzzy Logic Control of Ship’s Electric Power Supply Set
Bogdan Zak and Stanislaw Hozyn

Effects of Sexual Reproduction on the Proliferation of Eichhornia Crassipes in Lake Geriyo Adamawa Nigeria
Hauwa’u Isa and Nafisatu A. Tukur

Seasonal, Equinox and Solstice Variations of the Ionosphere Over Turkey
Secil Karatay, Ali Cinar, Feza Arikan and Tamara Gulyaeva

Potential Concentrations of Select Trace Metals from Road Salt Corrosion
Peter R. Pascucci

Speciation Studies of Binary Complexes of PB(II), CD(II) and HG(II) with L-Proline in 1, 2- Propanediol-Water Mixtures
Peketi Bhushanavathi and Pucha Sarada

Study of Mosquito Detection and Position Tracking Algorithm
Jahangir Alam SM, Hu Guoqing, Md. Mojahidul Islam, M. Rabiul Alam and Md. Arif Rahman

Fixed Point Theorems of Contractive Mappings for Cdistance in Cone Metric Spaces
K. Sujatha

Targeting Alzheimer’s Disease Through Molecular Docking Approach
Awanish Kumar and Dharm Pal

Generalized Shear Strength Criteria for Soft and Weathered Coal Mine Oerburden Dump Materials
P.K. Dewangan, M. Pradhan and G.D. Ramtekkar

Fashion and the Environment
Ashish Hooda

An Investigations of Variations of Sinkhole Depth with Respect to the Height of Extraction in Some of the Underground Coal Mines at SECL, India
P. Sahu and R. D. Lokhande

Kinetic Studies on Recovery of Acrylic Acid From Dilute Solutions
Akanksha Swarnkar, Anupam Bala Soni and Amit Keshav

Dicentric Chromatid Bridges and Pollen Sterility in Cleome Gynandra
H. Isa and J.C. Onovo and K.C. Egbucha

Assessment of the use of Radio for Disseminating Agricultural Information Among Farmers in OFU Local Government Area of Kogi State
Jiriko Ruth, Demenongu Torjape and Oguche Paul

Use of Six Sigma Method as a Process Improvement Technique: A Case Study in Aerospace Industry
Atakan Gerger and Ali Rıza Firuzan

Split-Brain Surgery and the Complementarity of the Two Hemispheres
Anas H. Filimban

Comparative Study of “OKOHO” Cissus Populnea Gum Extracted in Hot Water and Cold Water for Soup Condiment
C.C. Okafor and I. M. Eze

Model of Environmental Health and Environmental Education
Nongnapas Thiengkamol

Identification of High School Students’ Misunderstandings of Rectilinear Motion Revealed by Their Choice of Answers to a Test of Understanding
Louis Trudel and Abdeljalil Métioui

Main Aspects of Complexometric Method in Chemical Analysis Used in Higher Educational System of Georgia
Mineda Chanturia

Performance of Unreinforced Concrete Bored Piles Under Different Loading Conditions
M. J. Al-Mosawe and A. A. Al-Obaidi

Nectar Larceny: Looking Beyond Crime and Nourishment
Inderdeep Kaur

Conflict Resolution in the Euphrates River Dispute Using the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution
Mariwan R. Faris, Kamel A. Al-Mohseen and Keith W. Hipel

Nossa Ufrpe: A Prototype of Collaborative Platform
Marcelo Mendonça Teixeira, Joel Alves de Lima Júnior, Cristiane Domingos de Aquino, Alana Costa Lima, Felipe Alves Lopes da Silva, Wyldgard Helles Cruz, Marcos Vínicios Alcantara, Ricardo Neves Júnior, Felipe Gonçalves and Hugo Pazzoline

Testing the Suitability of Mined Soils for Native Species Establishment at Navachab Gold Mine, Namibia
Emilia N. Haimbili, Ndafuda Shiponeni and Peter J. Carrick

Incidence de la Poudre de Marbre Sur la Durabilité Des Bétons
Rabah Chaïd, Hacène Mérida, Youcef Ghernouti and Damien Rangeard

The Application of Biofertilizer Consortium to Enhance Quality and Yield of Vegetables (Lactuca Sativa L.) Crop and to Reduce Chemical Fertilizer Usage
Pujawati Suryatmana, Mieke Rochimi Setyawati, Bety Natalie Fitriatin, Diyan Herdiyantoro and Reginawanti Hindersah

Azolla Pinnata and Litter Plants Compost as Alternative Materials for Peat Substitute Carrier on Solid Biofertilizer Formulations
Mieke Rochimi Setiawati, Pujawati Suryatmana, Diyan Herdiyantoro and Uneef Primadi

Analgesic Effect of the Crude Aqueous Extract of the Roots and Aerial Parts of Some Philippine Medicinal Plants: A Preliminary Study
Louella F. Ona

Towards an Integrated e-Government System: Overview, Architecture and Application for Development
Mosud Y. Olumoye and Irene Govender

Analysis of the Aircraft Coating Innovations, Improving Aerodynamic Parameters and Reducing Skin Friction
Shehret Tilvaldyev, Giezi Xitlali Chávez Serrano, Estefanía Solís Martínez, Nahitt Padilla, Jorge Flores Garay and Cristian Javier González Herrera

Review and Analysis of the Applications the Graphene and Graphene Based Composite Materials in Varied Scope of Engineering and Aeronautics
Shehret Tilvaldyev, Estefania Solís Martínez, Erwin Martínez, Alfredo Villanueva, Delfino Cornejo and Maxim Bakaev

Analyzing and Displaying of Crime Hotspots Using Fuzzy Mapping Method
Ranbir Kaur and Sukhjit Singh Sehra

Adoption of Digital Design Software in Interior Design Education
Eric Dolph

Reciprocity Scheme Approach to Free-Riding Evasion in Grid System
Lukman Adebayo Ogundele

A Simulation Study of the Performance of Fisher’s Linear Discriminant Analysis with Normal and Non Normal Data
Ogbonna Eric Nnamdi, Mbe Egom Nja and Onwukwe Christian

The Role of Pre-Storage Temperatures on White Spruce, Douglas-Fir and Western Redcedar Seedlings Viability and Growth
Sharon L. Gillies

Hydroxyapatite Reinforced Polypropylene Bio Composites
Munir Tasdemir, Ismail Hakki Kenet and Serdar Pazarlioglu

Development of Hybrid Courses by Applying Best Practices from the Online Environment
Tom A. Eppes and Ivana Milanovic

A Study of the Relationship Among Safety Climate Perception, Self-Esteem, Pressure and Performance/Safety Reporting in Medical Staff
Wen-Jui Feng, Li-Yu Shu, Chin-chin Liu and Li-Hui Yang

Effects of Apricot Kernel Flour and Fiber-Rich Apricot Powder on the Quality of Reduced-Fat Wire-Cut Cookies
Özen Özboy Özbaş, İbrahim Tuğkan Şeker and İncilay Gökbulut

Some Preliminary Results of a Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) System Installed at Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey
Arif Hepbasli, Emrah Biyik, Mustafa Araz, Mehdi Shahrestani, Runming Yao, Emmanuel Essah, Li Shao, Armando C. Oliveira, Teodosio del Caño, Elena Rico and Juan Luis Lechón

Different Uses of Sugar Beet Pulp
Kazım Eşber Özbaş and Özen Özboy Özbaş

Sustainable Lighting in Educational Buildings
Kasım Çelik and Rengin Ünver

Digital Transformation of Information Systems Master’s Curriculum
Moustafa Elazhary and Frank Morelli

A Novel Adaptive Variable Step Size P&O MPPT Algorithm
M. F. Almi, H. Belmili, M. Arrouf and B. Bendib

Biochemical Changes on Muscle tissue Of Common Carp (Cyprinus Carpio, Linnaeus 1758) in the Natural Condition of Sapanca Lake, Turkey
Güllü Kaymak, Nazan Deniz Yön Ertuğ and Figen Esin Kayhan

PD Control of Underwater Robotic Vehicle in Vertical Plane
Jerzy Garus

Segmentation Algorithm for Thermal Images of Faces
Bogdan Żak

Temperature Effect on the Shielding Performance of the Ceramic Material Produced with Natural Zeolite
Baha Kanberoğlu and A. Şükran Demirkıran